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Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2021-12-01 Dr FENG Zhichao An Asymptotically Tight Learning Algorithm for Mobile-Promotion Platforms PDF
2021-11-22 Dr TIAN Feng Punish Underperformance with Resting-Optimal Dynamic Contracts in the Presence of Switching Cost PDF
2021-11-17 Dr Nuno RIBEIRO Passenger-centric Slot Allocation at Schedule-coordinated Airports PDF
2021-11-18 Dr BAI Xiwen The Congestion Effect of Oil Transportation and Its Trade Implications PDF
2021-11-11 Dr Myongjin KIM Competitive Response to Unbundled Services: An Empirical Look at Spirit Airlines PDF
2021-11-08 Dr Anne LANGE Subcontracting of Service Quality: The Case of Airlines PDF
2021-10-27 Ms CHU Qin Application of Machine Learning in Air-Ticket Pricing in China PDF
2021-10-25 Prof. Jan K. BRUECKNER Airline Delay Propagation: A Simple Method for Measuring its Extent and Determinants PDF
2021-10-27 Dr LU Lijian Quality and Welfare Implications of Product Traceability in Supply Chain PDF
2021-10-18 Dr Keehyung KIM Rewarding Experts in Revenue-sharing Crowdfunding: An Experimental Study PDF
2021-10-11 Dr CHEN Hongfan To Interfere or Not To Interfere: Information Revelation and Price-Setting Incentives in a Multiagent Learning Environment PDF
2021-10-06 Dr FANG Xin Asymmetric Information of Product Authenticity on C2C E-Commerce Platforms: How Can Inspection Services Help? PDF
2021-09-17 Ms WANG Tiantian Yard Allocation Problem with Time Dimension at Seaport Terminal PDF
2021-09-20 Dr CHEN Zhi When Does Data Sharing Promote Innovation? PDF
2021-09-13 Prof. Yuichiro YOSHIDA Jumbo Jet Lights Up the Cities PDF
2021-08-26 Mr CHEN Dong A Vessel Destination Prediction Model Based on Trajectory Clustering PDF
2021-08-26 Ms XU Jingwen Dual Sourcing Under Supply Uncertainty: Impact of Tariff and Shipping Cost PDF
2021-08-26 Mr MA Yafei The Impact of Ex Post Quality Heterogeneity and Customer Fairness Concern on Dual Sourcing Strategy PDF
2021-08-26 Mr CHEN Zepeng Reward-based Crowdfunding with the Threat of Downstream Imitation PDF
2021-08-25 Ms ZHANG Miaomiao Three Essays on Social Media in Organization PDF
2021-08-27 Mr ZHANG Silong A New Exact Method for the Multitrip Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows PDF
2021-08-26 Ms WANG Jingmai A Model of Coalition Loyalty Program with Consumer Discounting PDF
2021-08-26 Ms ZHOU Ruqi The Impacts of the Introduction of Carbon Futures on Shipping Freight and Emission Control PDF
2021-08-25 Ms SHAN Xueshu Three Studies in the Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry: From a Business Ecosystem Perspective PDF
2021-08-25 Ms LI Lu Are Chinese Enterprises’ Investments in Overseas Container Ports Successful? The Role of Investor Attributes PDF
2021-08-18 Ms GUO Yu Two Studies on Maximum Profit of Booking Container Slots for Carrier in Liner Shipping and Opening Ports for Seafarer Change in COVID-19 PDF
2021-08-18 Ms WANG Wei EMS Location-Allocation Problem under Uncertainties PDF
2021-08-18 Ms WU Yiwei Crowdsourcing Mode Evaluation for Parcel Delivery Service Platforms PDF
2021-07-30 Mr LUO Zhenwei Three Essays in Operations Management: Inventory Management with Demand Learning, Quality Signaling and Bayesian Persuasion in Service PDF
2021-07-27 Dr ZOU Bo Deep Reinforcement Learning for Crowdsourced Urban Delivery PDF
2021-06-21 Ms YANG Haifan Study of Selected Legal Issues of the Terminal Operators for Carriage of Goods by Sea in Chinese Law PDF
2021-06-18 Ms YANG Liutao Optimizing Queues with Sunk Cost Fallacy PDF
2021-06-10 Ms ZHAO Xue Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Dynamic Bed Allocation and Patient Subsidization in a Public Healthcare System PDF
2021-06-09 Ms ZHANG Wei Routing Optimization for Emerging Transportation Systems PDF
2021-06-09 Ms LIU Fuzhen Two Studies on User-generated Content in Online Platforms: Review Valence, Self-presentation, and Sales Performance PDF
2021-06-10 Ms QI Jingwen Subsidy Plan Modeling and Optimization for the Promotion of Green Technologies in Maritime Transportation PDF
2021-06-11 Ms ZHANG Jing Measuring Port Efficiency Incorporating AIS Data PDF
2021-04-23 Dr Tobias SALZ The Value of Time: Evidence from Auctioned Cab Rides PDF
2021-04-14 Prof. Ying RONG Feature-Based Nonparametric Inventory Control with Censored Demand PDF
2021-04-16 Prof. Gianmaria MARTINI Airline Competition and LCCs in the North Atlantic Market PDF
2021-04-21 Dr Anran LI Revenue Maximization and Learning in Products Ranking PDF
2021-03-26 Dr Duo SHI 3D Printing and Product Assortment Strategy PDF
2021-03-26 Dr Juan Camilo CASTILLO Who Benefits from Surge Pricing? PDF
2021-03-19 Prof. Mark HANSEN Traffic management and resource allocation for UAV-based parcel delivery in low-altitude urban space PDF
2021-03-12 Dr Rui CHEN Dynamic Service System Design with Flexible Servers and Priority Customers PDF
2021-03-05 Dr Alexander LUTTMANN Capacity constraints and service quality: The effects of slot controls on flight delays and flight schedules PDF
2021-02-05 Mr Jinan SHAO The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Operational and Financial Outcomes: Three Empirical Studies in China PDF
2021-01-28 Dr Xiaoyan QIAN Operational and Financial Decisions within Proportional Investment Cooperatives PDF
2021-01-22 Ms Ran YAN Using Big Data to Improve Shipping Efficiency PDF
2021-01-22 Dr Rowan WANG Divide and Conquer: A Hygienic, Efficient, and Reliable Assembly-Line for Housekeeping PDF
2021-01-12 Mr Hao LANG Decentralized Congestion Policies: Pricing Versus (Grandfathered) Slots in Airport Networks PDF
2021-01-04 Dr Jinzhi BU Online Pricing with Offline Data: Phase Transition and Inverse Square Law PDF
Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2020-12-30 Ms Shanyin CHEN On Sustainability PDF
2020-11-30 Dr Yuan ZI Trade from Space: Shipping Networks and the Global Implications of Local Shocks PDF
2020-11-23 Dr Kilian HEILMANN Information Frictions, Load Matching, and Route Efficiency in the Trucking Industry PDF
2020-11-17 Dr Xi LI Beating the Algorithm PDF
2020-11-16 Dr David Krisztian NAGY All Aboard: The Aggregate Effects of Port Development PDF
2020-11-10 Dr Hanlin LIU Price-Directed Cost Sharing and Demand Allocation among Service Providers with Multiple Demand Sources and Multiple Facilities PDF
2020-11-03 Dr Chengzhang LI Implementing Environmental and Social Responsibility Programs in Supply Networks through Multi-Unit Bilateral Negotiation PDF
2020-10-28 Dr Liao WANG Hedging for the Downside Risk: Integrated Production Planning and Risk Hedging with CVaR Objective PDF
2020-10-19 Dr Sabine KNAPP A transparent way to bridge the gap between science, policy and industry: A selection of application examples in the maritime industry PDF
2020-10-13 Dr Jinzhao DU Information Design of Matching Platforms when User Preferences are Bidimensional PDF
2020-10-20 Prof. Juan FENG Does Money Talk? The Impact of Monetary Incentives on User-Generated Content Contributions PDF
2020-09-30 Dr Jiangang JIN Feeder Service Routing and Transshipment Coordination in a Hub-and-Spoke Maritime Shipping Network PDF
2020-09-23 Mr Sam AU YEUNG, Dr Tomasz BRODZICKI and Ms Yingzhi ZHANG The anatomy of the great trade collapse of 2020 and the effect of the explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon PDF
2020-09-22 Prof. Zhixi WAN On-demand Carpooling - An Analysis of Welfare and Pricing Strategy PDF
2020-09-16 Prof. Pierre CARIOU Optimal ship speed and the cubic law revisited: Empirical evidence from an oil tanker fleet PDF
2020-09-15 Dr Mingzhu YU Pricing of Inbound Container Storage and Demurrage by Terminal Operators and Ocean Carriers PDF
2020-08-28 Dr Mazhar ARIKAN Rethinking Operational Performance in the Airline Industry: Evidence from the Wright Amendment Repeal PDF
2020-06-22 Ms Yuqing PAN Two Studies on Improving the Inefficiency of Vaccine Supply Chain PDF
2020-06-16 Ms Hongyi GU Impact of High-Speed Rail Entry on Air Transport: Price Competition, Travel Time Difference and Catchment Expansion PDF
2020-06-16 Mr Shuli LIU Essays on High-speed Rail Development: Regional Disparities and Impacts on Airport Performance PDF
2020-06-09 Mr Wenhao PENG Shipping Market Economics: Knowledge Evolution, Second-hand Ship Price and Freight Rate PDF
2020-05-14 Dr Guang XIAO Effect of Consumer Awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility Under Asymmetric Information PDF
2020-05-11 Prof. Pengfei GUO Optimal Queue Length Information Disclosure When Service Quality is Uncertain: A Bayesian Persuasion Approach PDF
2020-05-06 Dr Xiaomeng GUO Inventory Sharing under Service Quality Competition PDF
2020-05-05 Prof. Zhou XU An Inverse Optimization Approach to Stabilizing Grand Cooperation via Cost Adjustment PDF
2020-05-07 Prof. Jan K. BRUECKNER Airline Mitigation of Propagated Delays via Schedule Buffers: Theory and Empirics PDF
2020-04-27 Dr Achim I. CZERNY Optimal Use-it-or-lose-it Rules for Airport Slot Management PDF
2020-05-05 Prof. Jos van OMMEREN From Silver to Platinum: The Effect of Frequent Flier Tier Levels on Airline Demand PDF
2020-04-29 Prof. Nicole ADLER Competition in Congested Service Networks with Application to Air Traffic Control Provision in Europe PDF
2020-04-28 Dr Miao SONG A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Facility Location with General Facility Cost Functions PDF
2020-04-24 Dr Ling ZHU Determining Applicable Law and Jurisdiction in the Claims Arising from Multimodal Transport PDF
2020-04-17 Dr Shuaian (Hans) WANG Data-driven Research in Maritime Transportation: A Few Pitfalls PDF
2020-04-07 Dr Shining WU Dimensioning On-demand Vehicle Sharing Systems: Theory and Insights PDF
2020-01-03 Prof. David SIMCHI-LEVI Data-Driven Research in Revenue Management: The Impact of Model Misspecification PDF
2020-01-06 Dr Fasheng XU Blockchain Adoption for Traceability in Food Supply Chain Networks PDF
2020-01-10 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Information Updates and Transparency in Newsvendor Supply Chains: Values of Big Data and Blockchain Technologies PDF
2020-01-13 Prof. Michael F. STURLEY The Role of Commercial Law in Solving Current Problems in Shipping and Transport Logistics PDF
Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2019-12-11 Ms Yuxiao YE Three Studies in Firm Environmental Initiatives: Stakeholder Antecedents and Performance Outcomes
2019-12-20 Ms Li DING Event Studies in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An Overview and Two Empirical Studies
2019-11-22 Dr Xi LI Misreporting Demand Information PDF
2019-11-08 Ms ZHUGE Dan Optimization Design in Green Shipping PDF
2019-11-13 Dr Liao WANG Hedging for the Downside Risk: Integrated Production Planning and Risk Hedging with CVaR Objective PDF
2019-11-11 Prof. Hideki FUKUI Slot Hoarding: Do Carriers Deliberately Underutilize Scarce Resources at Congested Airports? PDF
2019-11-07 Prof. H. Scott MATTHEWS Data-Driven Approached to Improving Safety and Environmental Impacts of Passenger Vehicles PDF
2019-11-06 Dr Qian LIU Markdown or Trade-up? The Policy to Induce Early Purchases when Selling Successive-Generation Products PDF
2019-11-04 Dr Jonathan D. Hall When safety messages make us less safe: Evidence from traffic fatality message PDF
2019-10-30 Dr Allen Chenguang WU Bundling in Service Systems PDF
2019-10-16 Prof. Alberto IOZZI Congestion and Incentives in the Age of Driverless Cars PDF
2019-10-11 Prof. Hsiao-Hui LEE Product Recall Delays and Product Cycles PDF
2019-10-08 Dr Clifford Winston Measuring the Benefits of Ride-Haling Services to Urban Travelers: The Case of the San Francisco Bay Area PDF
2019-08-30 Ms Abe Pui Lam JONG Learning through Internationalizations: Do Overseas Expansions of Chinese Firms Reduce their Environmental Violations? PDF
2019-08-27 Mr Shifu XU JD Operates Through Chinese New Year — Will This Be Tmall’s Waterloo? PDF
2019-08-27 Ms Shengnan SHU New Models and Solution Methods for Service Network Design: A Preliminary Study PDF
2019-08-26 Mr Qinshen TANG Joint Pricing and Production: A Fusion of Machine Learning and Robust Optimization PDF
2019-08-16 Mr Hsiang-Kai WENG Determinants of Employees’ Safety Behaviours in Container Terminal Operators in Taiwan: The Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Safety Climate PDF
2019-08-14 Ms Hang YU A Base Model Studying Subcontracting Strategy between Service Provider and Subcontractor with Consumer Choice Behavior PDF
2019-08-20 Dr Yan LIU An Analysis of ''Buy X, Get One Free'' Reward Programs PDF
2019-08-09 Mr Chih Wen LEE The Effects of Marketing Competence on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Container Shipping Services PDF
2019-08-19 Prof. Haresh GURNANI The Informational Role of Buyback Contracts PDF
2019-07-30 Ms Shuo FENG Research on the Credit Risks Analysis and Control of Logistics Banking in the Macroeconomic Circumstance in China PDF
2019-07-25 Ms Hongyi GU Identifying substitution and complementary effects in air-rail competition PDF
2019-07-23 Prof. Shiyuan ZHENG Investment Competition on Dedicated Terminals under Demand Ambiguity PDF
2019-07-15 Mr Shuli LIU Impact of High-Speed Rail Network Development on Airport Traffic and Traffic Distribution: Evidence from China and Japan PDF
2019-06-28 Dr Fang FANG Sourcing and Procurement Cost Allocation in Multi-Division Firms PDF
2019-06-19 Prof. Saif BENJAAFAR Operations Management in the Age of the Sharing Economy: What Is Old and What Is New? PDF
2019-06-14 Prof. Ming HU Values of Traceability in Supply Chains PDF
2019-06-11 Dr Luyi YANG To Brush or Not to Brush: Product Rankings, Customer Search, and Fake Orders PDF
2019-05-24 Mr Kai WANG Optimization Applications in Maritime Logistics and Operations PDF
2019-05-20 Mr Jinan SHAO Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility in Chinese Enterprises: Its Antecedents and Performance Effects PDF
2019-05-16 Ms Shujun GUO Consumers’ Information Searching Behavior in an Omnichannel Environment PDF
2019-05-23 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Inventory Control Driven by Demand Delta: Optimality and Computation of Base Stocks PDF
2019-05-15 Ms Yuxiao YE Two studies in firm voluntary management systems: The impact of ISO 14001 adoption on firm performance PDF
2019-05-08 Mr Hao LANG A Pricing Versus Slots Game in Airport Networks PDF
2019-05-09 Ms Wenjuan YANG Research on impacts of online reviews from channel perspective PDF
2019-05-07 Ms Yuqing PAN Coordinating Vaccine Market via Government Subsidies under Customer Regret PDF
2019-06-13 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL Robust Capacity Planning for Project Management PDF
2019-05-14 Ms Yunjuan KUANG Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Operations Management: Behavioral Pricing, Omnichannel and Horizontal Merger PDF
2019-04-09 Ms Ran YAN Development of a Non-Parametric Classifier: Effective Identification, Algorithm, and Applications in Port State Control for Maritime Transportation PDF
2019-03-27 Dr Hui ZHAO Inducing Compliance with Post-Market Studies for Drugs under FDA’s Accelerated Approval Pathway PDF
2019-03-20 Dr Guangwen KONG Referral, Learning and Inventory Decisions in Social Networks PDF
2019-03-14 Prof. Tyson R. BROWNING Part I: Research Applications of the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Part II: Publishing in the Journal of Operations Management PDF
2019-02-27 Prof. Benny MANTIN Does Price Volatility Influence Demand of Revenue Managed Goods? PDF
2019-02-26 Dr Mehmet GUMUS Short-term Housing Rentals and Corporatization of Platform Pricing PDF
2019-02-22 Prof. Mingming LENG Multi-Player Allocations in the Presence of Diminishing Marginal Contributions: Core, Nucleolus, and Applications in Management Science PDF
2019-02-15 Prof. J. George Shanthikumar Data Science for Operations Management PDF
2019-01-31 Ms Xuan WANG Three Studies on Behavioral Operations Management in E-commerce: Return Policy, Labor Delivery, and New Retail PDF
2019-01-24 Prof. Mogens FOSGERAU The Characteristics Entropy Model PDF
2019-01-29 Ms Wei ZHANG Clustered coverage orienteering problem of unmanned surface vehicles for water sampling PDF
2019-01-08 Prof. Stein-Erik FLETEN Dynamic Hedging for the Real Option Management of Electricity Storage PDF
2019-01-11 Mr Ding ZOU Unlock the Crowdsourcing Potential to Improve the Service Level of the Urban Bicycle Sharing System PDF
2019-01-25 Prof. Quan-Lin LI Pyramid-Type Markov Processes in Blockchain with Selfish Mining Alliances PDF
2019-01-18 Dr Sergei SAVIN Managing Portfolio of Elective Surgical Procedures: A Multidimensional Inverse Newsvendor Problem PDF
2019-01-03 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Supply Chains Involving a Mean-Variance-Skewness-Kurtosis Newsvendor: Analysis and Coordination PDF
2019-01-08 Mr Zhenwei LUO Early Bird Discount with Bayesian Updating PDF
2019-01-04 Prof. Zuo-Jun Max SHEN End-to-end Inventory Replenishment Model PDF
Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2018-12-12 Mr Lingxiao WU Three studies on bulk shipping management PDF
2018-12-13 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND Contractual barriers to energy efficiency in shipping PDF
2018-12-07 Prof. Xiaobo QU Optimizing intermodal transit network through fare design: two case studies in Sydney PDF
2018-12-07 Dr Volodymyr BABICH Does crowdfunding benefit entrepreneurs and venture capital investors? PDF
2018-12-03 Mr Fanbo MENG Studies on the Adoption and Usage of Mobile Health Services by Elderly Users: the Role of Trust PDF
2018-11-30 Dr Shuya YIN More Power to the Retailers? An Upstream Perspective of Power Imbalance in Channels PDF
2018-11-20 Ms Fengfeng HUANG Two Essays on Equilibrium Analysis of Customers' Queueing Behavior PDF
2018-11-16 Prof. Jinting WANG Equilibrium Strategies in Priority Queues with Balking PDF
2018-11-15 Prof. Se-il MUN Economics of Global Terminal Operator PDF
2018-10-29 Ms Mingzhao ZHANG The Indemnity Principle in Cargo Insurance in Multimodal Transport: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Law PDF
2018-11-09 Mr Weijiao WANG The Relationship between Servitization and Firm Performance in Manufacturing Firms: An Empirical Study based on Panel Data PDF
2018-10-22 Mr Hanxiang ZHANG A Series of Airport Management Studies PDF
2018-10-22 Mr Markus VEJVAR Essays on Sustainability Issues in Transportation Management PDF
2018-10-24 Dr Shilu TONG Dynamic Contract under Quick Response in a Supply Chain PDF
2018-10-11 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL INFORMS, Analytics, Research and Challenges PDF
2018-10-10 Prof. Terry TAYLOR On-Demand Service Platforms PDF
2018-10-05 Dr Zhaolin LI Robust Optimal Production Structure for Assembly with Information Asymmetry PDF
2018-09-28 Prof. Fernando G. BERNSTEIN Competition between Two-Sided Platforms under Demand and Supply Congestion Effects PDF
2018-09-21 Prof. Liang GUO The Mnemonomics of Contract Overchoice PDF
2018-09-12 Dr Xiangyu GAO Stochastic Optimization with Decisions Truncated by Random Variables PDF
2018-08-29 Prof. Suresh P. Sethi Profit Allocation, Decision Sequence and Compliance Aspects of Coordinating Contracts: A Retrospect PDF
2018-08-22 Mr ZHANG Lingge Two studies on the computable equilibrium analysis: Trade liberalization and iron ore international market PDF
2018-08-07 Prof. Zhi-Long Chen Robust Dynamic Pricing with Two Substitutable Products PDF
2018-08-06 Dr Jim Junmin SHI Blockchain Design for Supply Chain Management PDF
2018-06-26 Ms ZHANG Ping Sharing Strategy for Hospital Consignment Inventories PDF
2018-06-22 Prof. Anming ZHANG Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Manufacturers’ Incentive and Government Policy PDF
2018-06-15 Ms ZHUGE Dan Schedule design for liner services under Vessel Speed Reduction Incentive Programs PDF
2018-06-14 Ms Tang Yanli Information Sharing, Pricing Timing and Platform Selection PDF
2018-06-06 Dr Nan LIU Withholding Capacity from Strategic Patients PDF
2018-05-31 Ms Xiaoxia LI Volatility Spillovers among Bunker Fuel Markets PDF
2018-05-24 Mr Shuai JIA Managing Navigation Channel Traffic and Anchorage Area Utilization of a Container Port PDF
2018-05-23 Dr Grace W.Y. WANG Using Game Theory to Mitigate Production Disruption in a Cruise Supply Chain PDF
2018-05-18 Prof. Jayashankar M. SWAMINATHAN Optimal Seeding Policy under Rainfall Uncertainty PDF
2018-05-16 Prof. Ming HU Blockbuster or Niche? Competitive Strategy under Network Effects PDF
2018-04-27 Mr Xiaofei ZHANG Studies on Users’ Affective Evaluations of mHealth Monitoring Services: Antecedents, Consequences, and Contingent Effects PDF
2018-04-13 Prof. Sang Won KIM Empirical Investigation on the Range Anxiety for Electric Vehicles PDF
2018-03-29 Dr Dan ZHANG Breaking the Code of Dynamic Pricing PDF
2018-03-29 Ms Yujuan GUO Two Essays on the Behavioural Aspect of Operations Management: Employee Attributes and Customer Participations PDF
2018-03-23 Prof. Roberto BALDACCI Optimal Solution of Vehicle Routing Problems with Fractional Objective Function PDF
2018-03-15 Prof. Saif BENJAAFAR Labor Welfare in On-Demand Service Platforms PDF
2018-03-13 Prof. Richard ARNOTT Incentive Regulation of Transportation Network Companies: Some Preliminary Thoughts PDF
2018-03-09 Dr Jing WU Credit Event Contagion in Supply Chains PDF
2018-03-07 Prof. Martin DRESNER The Impact of Baggage Fees on Passenger Demand, Airfares, and Airline Operations in the US PDF
2018-02-27 Mr Hao LANG A Series of Studies on Air Transport Congestion Management Policies PDF
2018-02-27 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND What Is The Value of Foresight in The Dybulk Freight Market? PDF
2018-02-15 Ms Shanyin CHEN Four Essays on Green-Competitiveness PDF
2018-02-09 Dr Yang BO Determining Process Capacity: Intractability and Efficient Special Cases PDF
2018-02-02 Dr S. Alex YANG Financial Pooling in a Supply Chain PDF
2018-02-01 Dr Yuquan DU Data-driven Ship Voyage Management PDF
2018-01-26 Prof. Brian TOMLIN The Internet of Things and Information Fusion: Who Talks to Who? PDF
2018-01-25 Ms Li DING Event Studies in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An Overview and Two Empirical Studies PDF
2018-01-23 Prof. Xenophon KOUFTEROS Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: A Behavioral Experiment PDF
2018-01-22 Ms Lik Man Daphne YIU Two Essays on Risks and Returns in Operations Management PDF
2018-01-15 Prof. Baojun JIANG The Bright Side of Having an Enemy PDF
2018-01-12 Prof. Sarang DEO Managing Multichannel Healthcare Delivery: Evidence from a Large Eye-care Network in South India PDF
2018-01-05 Prof. Stein W. WALLACE Handling High-dimensional Dependent Random Variables in Stochastic Vehicle Routing PDF
2018-01-04 Prof. David SIMCHI-LEVI Online Resource Allocation with Applications to Revenue Management PDF
2018-01-04 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Procurement Contract with a Supplier with Private Information Regarding His Reliability and Effort for Its Improvement PDF
Date Presenter Topic Attachment
2017-12-18 Prof. Yunchuan LIU Distribution Channel Choice and Divisional Conflict in Remanufacturing Operations PDF
2017-12-07 Mr Man Kit Michael NG Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Green Innovation Adoption: An Empirical Study of the Shipping Industry PDF
2017-12-04 Ms Yi ZHANG Risk Pooling Through Offline Probabilistic Selling PDF
2017-11-23 Dr Huiyin OUYANG Stochastic Modelling and Decision Analysis in Healthcare Operations PDF
2017-11-17 Ms Hang Fa TONG A Study in Modern Container Terminal Efficiency PDF
2017-11-17 Prof. Xin CHEN Fair Risk Pooling and Sharing PDF
2017-11-10 Professor Sergei SAVIN Performance Incentives and Competition in Healthcare Markets PDF
2017-11-03 Ms Xiaofan WU Managing Liner Shipping Operations With Bigger Ships And Larger Alliances: Theory And Practice PDF
2017-10-25 Prof. Ricardo FLORES-FILLOL Platform Pricing and Consumer Foresight: The Case of Airports PDF
2017-10-13 Professor Yukihiro KIDOKORO Forms of Airport Regulation and Privatization: Effects on Airport Charge, Capacity and Welfare PDF
2017-10-11 Prof. Anming ZHANG Effects of High-Speed Rail Speed on Airline Demand and Price: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment PDF
2017-10-11 Professor Yun Fong LIM Matching Supply With Demand For Online Retailing PDF
2017-10-04 Mr Xun TONG Essays on Safety and Security Issues in Shipping and Transport Logistics PDF
2017-10-04 Professor Naima SAEED Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Norway’s Bilateral Maritime Trade Flow to Its Major Trading Partners PDF
2017-09-29 Professor Hai YANG A Revenue-preserving and Pareto-improving Strategy for Managing Transit Peak-hour Congestion PDF
2017-09-21 Dr Guangzhi SHANG The Impact of Waiting on Customer Response Delay: Field Evidence from an Online Contact Center PDF
2017-09-20 Prof. Nikos Nomikos Disentangling Supply and Demand Shocks in Shipping Markets PDF
2017-09-13 Dr Stephen SHUM Dynamic Operations Management with Strategic Customers PDF
2017-09-01 Dr Atsuo SUZUKI Applications of Operations Research to the Real Problems – Rostering, Scheduling and Assignment PDF
2017-08-10 Prof. Rachel R. CHEN Reward-based Crowdfunding Campaigns: Informational Value and Access to Venture Capital PDF
2017-07-13 Dr Qiuping YU A Quality Value Chain Network: Linking Supply Chain Quality to Customer Lifetime Value PDF
2017-07-12 Prof. M. Johnny RUNGTUSANATHAM Mitigating Operational Glitches in Complex Manufacturing with Information: Is an ERP System the Best Solution? PDF
2017-07-05 Dr Xianghua GAN Selection of Statistical Inferencing Methods in a Data-driven Newsvendor Problem PDF
2017-06-23 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND Indirect Ship Hull Condition Monitoring Using Speed and Fuel Consumption Analysis PDF
2017-06-21 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL Project Management: Incentive Design and Work Package Planning PDF
2017-06-12 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Feedback Stackelberg-Nash Equilibria in Mixed Leadership Games with an Application to Cooperative Advertising PDF
2017-06-05 Prof. Z. Max SHEN Shared Mobility for Last-Mile Delivery: Design, Operational Prescriptions and Environmental Impact PDF
2017-05-29 Prof. Qi Annabelle Feng Posted Pricing versus Bargaining in Sequential Selling Process PDF
2017-05-24 Prof. J. George SHANTHIKUMAR Applications of Joint Stochastic Orders in Arrangement and Allocation PDF
2017-05-18 Mr Shuli LIU Evolution of High-speed Rail and Its Impact on Air Transport in Northeast Asian Markets: A Network Perspective PDF
2017-05-17 Dr Cuihong LI Design and Pricing of Discretionary Service Lines PDF
2017-05-16 Prof. Jin WANG Development of Decision Making Techniques for Analysing the Designation of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) PDF
2017-05-12 Prof. Robin LINDSEY Tradable Permit Schemes for Controlling Traffic Congestion with Variable Capacity and Demand PDF
2017-05-09 Miss Weijiao WANG The Moderating Effects of Multi-level Factors on the Relationship between Manufacturing Servitization and Firm Performance PDF
2017-04-28 Prof. Koichiro TEZUKA Game Theoretical Analysis on Shipping Freight Markets under Uncertainty PDF
2017-04-26 Mr Kai WANG Cruise Service Planning Considering Berth Availability and Decreasing Marginal Profit PDF
2017-04-25 Ms Yaqi PU Investigating Practices in Telecommunications Supply Chain Management PDF
2017-04-06 Dr Rick SO Coordinating Supply and Demand on an On-demand Service Platform with Impatient Customers PDF
2017-03-31 Prof. Fuqiang ZHANG 3D Printing vs. Traditional Flexible Technology: Implications for Manufacturing Strategy PDF
2017-03-29 Dr Peng HU Dynamic Pricing with Reference Price Effects PDF
2017-03-17 Dr Zhijian CUI Do Employees Leave their Jobs in Herds? An Empirical Study of Employee Turnover PDF
2017-03-14 Dr Alexandre JACQUILLAT An Integrated Scheduling and Operations Approach to Airport Congestion Mitigation PDF
2017-03-03 Dr Ye LU K-Approximate Convexity and Its Applications PDF
2017-02-21 Dr Xiaowen FU Market Potential and Barriers for Liberlization - An analysis of the aviation market in Central Asia PDF
2017-02-17 Dr Guoming LAI The Effects of Stock Market Reaction on Firms* Inventory Operations PDF
2017-02-16 Ms Yanli TANG Information Sharing and Agency Platform Choice with Alternative Pricing Time PDF
2017-02-13 Dr Xiaobo QU Ship Collision Risk Assessment for Restricted Waterways PDF
2017-01-24 Dr Volodymyr Bilotkach Airport Delays and Metropolitan Employment PDF
2017-01-17 Mr MENG Fanbo Trust Dynamics in the Adoption and Usage of Mobile Health Services by the Elderly in China PDF
2017-01-16 Ms KUANG Yunjuan Pricing Substitutable Products When Consumers Regret PDF
2017-01-13 Professor Vinod Singhal The Effect of the Rana Plaza Disaster on Shareholder Wealth of Retailers: Implications for Sourcing Strategies and Supply Chain Governance PDF
2017-01-13 Mr JIA Shuai Managing Navigation Channel Traffic and Anchorage Area Utilization of a Container Port PDF
2017-01-13 Ms HE Yuxuan Humanitarian Medical Allocation for Public Health Emergencies PDF
2017-01-12 Mr XIA Jun Two Essays on Liner Shipping Network Design PDF
2017-01-11 Mr FU Jinjin Capacity Allocation of Liner Ships when Considering Strategically Throwing away Cargoes PDF
2017-01-11 Prof. Thomas CHOI Supply Networks and Nexus Supplier Index PDF
2017-01-09 Dr Shouqiang WANG Audit and Remediation Strategies in the Presence of Evasion Capabilities PDF
2017-01-05 Prof. Suresh P. Sethi 5 Steps to Supply Chain Coordination PDF
2017-01-04 Dr Tao LI A Responsive Pricing Retailer Sourcing from Competing Suppliers Facing Disruption PDF
2017-01-04 Prof. Kevin Linderman An Empirical Investigation of Transaction Dynamics in Online Surplus Networks: A Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective PDF
Date Presenter Topic Attachment
2016-12-16 Ms WANG Tiantian New Algorithm for Yard Space Allocation Problem with a Time Dimension PDF
2016-12-05 Prof. Guillermo GALLEGO Approximation Algorithms for Product Framing and Pricing PDF
2016-11-28 Prof. Zaili YANG Development of Safety Research of Maritime Supply Chains PDF
2016-11-25 Dr Zhenyu HU Puzzle of Gain-Seeking and the Dynamic Pricing Problem PDF
2016-11-07 Prof. Adolf K.Y. Ng Institutions and climate adaptation management: The experience from ports PDF
2016-11-04 Dr Quan-Lin Li From RG-Factorizations to Black Hole Effect in Stochastic Models PDF
2016-10-17 Mr Markus VEJVAR Essays on Sustainability Issues in Shipping and Transportation Management PDF
2016-10-14 Dr Eric PARK Patient Prioritization in Emergency Department Triage Systems: An Empirical Study of Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) PDF
2016-09-28 Prof. Eddie Anderson Forward Contracting in Commodity Markets with Private Information PDF
2016-09-27 Prof. Anming ZHANG A General-Equilibrium Analysis of Airport Pricing, Capacity and Regulation PDF
2016-09-23 Dr Xuan WANG Online Resource Allocation with Limited Flexibility PDF
2016-09-23 Mr LEE Chih Wen Liner Pricing Practices and Pricing Transformation PDF
2016-09-06 Dr Rowan WANG Appointment Systems under Service Level Constraints? PDF
2016-08-31 Mr YANG Dingtong An empirical study about transshipment throughput of the port of Hong Kong PDF
2016-08-22 Prof. Christopher S. TANG Improving Environmental, Health and Safety in Supply Chains: Some Preliminary Studies PDF
2016-08-18 Ms WANG Xuan Pricing and return policies in a competitive market: A consumer-valuation based analysis with valuation uncertainties PDF
2016-08-16 Dr Zizhuo WANG Bayesian Dynamic Learning and Pricing with Strategic Customers PDF
2016-08-15 Prof. Nikos Nomikos The Second-hand Market for Ships: A Behavioural Finance Approach PDF
2016-08-09 Prof. Roar Ådland Are AIS-based trade volume estimates reliable? The case of crude oil exports PDF
2016-08-05 Ms LI Mengchi Economic Analysis of Location Behavior for High-end Maritime Service Cluster PDF
2016-08-01 Prof. Manolis G. Kavussanos Risk management in shipping and freight derivatives PDF
2016-07-29 HAO Zhongyuan On The Value of Demand Information Dissemination PDF
2016-07-26 Professor Pierre Hansen Exact Algorithms for Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering PDF
2016-07-20 Professor M. Johnny Rungtusanatham Why Are (Your) Supply Chain Disruptions Severe? Firm and Managerial Considerations PDF
2016-07-13 Professor Max SHEN Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems PDF
2016-07-08 Professor Nicholas G. HALL Research and Teaching Opportunities in Project Management PDF
2016-07-07 Dr Dongyuan ZHAN Incentive Based Service System Design: Staffing and Compensation to Trade Off Speed and Quality PDF
2016-06-22 Prof. Philipp Afèche Revenue-Maximizing Pricing and Service Policies for Queueing Systems with Strategic Customers PDF
2016-06-10 Mr HAU Kai Pun Jacky Business Process Virtualization: An Empirical Study of Performance Implications and Contextual Factors of Success PDF
2016-05-19 Mr WENG Hsiang-kai The Moderating Effect of Safety Climate on Leader-Member Exchange, Safety Commitment and Safety Behavior in Container Shipping Operations PDF
2016-05-16 Mr PENG Wen Hao (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Heterogeneous Agent Model in Shipping Discipline PDF
2016-04-19 Prof. Jiuh-Biing Sheu (Industrial Marketing Management Distinguished Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University) Date with Editor-in-Chief for Research and Paper Publication PDF
2016-04-11 Professor Michael F. Sturley (School of Law, The University of Texas at Austin) Jurisdiction and Arbitration under the Rotterdam Rules PDF
2016-04-11 Ms Wen JIAO (PhD Candidate, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Dynamic Pricing for Stochastic Container Leasing System PDF
2016-04-05 Ms Xiyan Wang (PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of California, Irvine) Service Competition in the Airline Industry: Schedule Robustness and Market Structure PDF
2016-03-30 Mr Guang XIAO (PhD Candidate, Olin Business School, Washington University) Supply Diversification under Price Dependent Demand and Random Yield PDF
2016-03-29 Ms Xiaomeng GUO (PhD Candidate, Olin Business School, Washington University) Push, Pull, and Delayed Payment Contracts When a Manufacturer Wants to Expand his Product Line PDF
2016-03-21 Mr ZHAO Xiaowei (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Research on International Container Transport Chain Security Model and Its Application PDF
2016-03-18 Prof. J. George Shanthikumar (Richard E. Dauch Chair in Manufacturing and Operations Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University) Integrating Dynamic Pricing with Inventory Decisions under Lost Sales PDF
2016-03-15 Prof. Qi Annabelle FENG (John and Donna Krenicki Chair in Operations Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University) Supply and Demand Functions in Inventory Models PDF
2016-03-04 Dr Shunsuke MANAGI (Distinguished Professor of Technology and Policy, Director of Urban Institute, Kyushu University) Future of Maritime Industry: View from Inclusive Wealth PDF
2016-03-02 Dr Zachary LEUNG (Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong) Analysis of a New Class of Liver Allocation Policies PDF
2016-02-25 Ms ZHANG Mingzhao (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) The Indemnity Principle in Cargo Insurance for Multimodal Transport: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Law PDF
2016-02-24 Dr Jianfu WANG (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University) Efficient Ignorance: Information Heterogeneity in a Queue PDF
2016-02-19 Ms HUANG Fengfeng (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Customer Queueing Strategy with Customer Rating Information PDF
2016-02-02 Prof. Haipeng SHEN (Professor of Innovation and Information Management, School of Business, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong) Parametric Forecasting and Stochastic Programming Models for Call-Center Workforce Scheduling PDF
2016-01-29 Mr Xin WANG (PhD Candidate, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University) Green Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty - A Global Game Approach PDF
2016-01-25 Mr PAN Kai (PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida) A Polyhedral Study of the Integrated Minimum-Up/-Down Time and Ramping Polytope PDF
2016-01-20 Mr ZHANG Xiaofei (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Study of Users’ Affective Evaluations on mHealth Monitoring Service: Antecedents and Consequences PDF
2016-01-19 Ms Ying LIU (PhD Candidate. Stern School of Business. New York University) Intertemporal Pricing under Minimax Regret PDF
2016-01-18 Mr Xi HE (PhD Candidate. Cornell University) Bilateral Interactions in Two-Sided Networks --- Intervening Opportunities and Matching Theories in Transportation, Trade and Supply Chains Analysis PDF
2016-01-13 Prof. Paul H. Zipkin (Professor Emeritus of Business Administration. Duke University) Some Specially Structured Assemble-to-Order Systems PDF
2016-01-12 Dr Liping JIANG (Associate Professor. Department of Operations Management. Copenhagen Business School) Dr Liping JIANG (Associate Professor. Department of Operations Management. Copenhagen Business School) PDF
2016-01-08 Mr Xiang HUI (PhD Candidate. Department of Economics. The Ohio State University) ICT and Third-Party Information Providers: A Randomized Field Experiment PDF
2016-01-07 Mr Renyu (Philip) ZHANG (PhD Candidate. Olin Business School. Washington University) Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management under Network Externalities (with Nan Yang) PDF
2016-01-06 Dr Yan LIU (Assistant Professor. School of Information Management and Engineering. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Optimal Dynamic Pricing with Patient Customers PDF
2016-01-05 Prof. Wolfgang Drobetz (Full professor. Chair for Corporate Finance and Ship Finance. University of Hamburg) Cash Flow Sensitivities in the Shipping Industry PDF