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Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2020-01-03 Prof. David SIMCHI-LEVI Data-Driven Research in Revenue Management: The Impact of Model Misspecification PDF
2020-01-06 Dr Fasheng XU Blockchain Adoption for Traceability in Food Supply Chain Networks PDF
2020-01-10 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Information Updates and Transparency in Newsvendor Supply Chains: Values of Big Data and Blockchain Technologies PDF
2020-01-13 Prof. Michael F. STURLEY The Role of Commercial Law in Solving Current Problems in Shipping and Transport Logistics PDF
Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2019-12-11 Ms Yuxiao YE Three Studies in Firm Environmental Initiatives: Stakeholder Antecedents and Performance Outcomes
2019-12-20 Ms Li DING Event Studies in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An Overview and Two Empirical Studies
2019-11-22 Dr Xi LI Misreporting Demand Information PDF
2019-11-08 Ms ZHUGE Dan Optimization Design in Green Shipping PDF
2019-11-13 Dr Liao WANG Hedging for the Downside Risk: Integrated Production Planning and Risk Hedging with CVaR Objective PDF
2019-11-11 Prof. Hideki FUKUI Slot Hoarding: Do Carriers Deliberately Underutilize Scarce Resources at Congested Airports? PDF
2019-11-07 Prof. H. Scott MATTHEWS Data-Driven Approached to Improving Safety and Environmental Impacts of Passenger Vehicles PDF
2019-11-06 Dr Qian LIU Markdown or Trade-up? The Policy to Induce Early Purchases when Selling Successive-Generation Products PDF
2019-11-04 Dr Jonathan D. Hall When safety messages make us less safe: Evidence from traffic fatality message PDF
2019-10-30 Dr Allen Chenguang WU Bundling in Service Systems PDF
2019-10-16 Prof. Alberto IOZZI Congestion and Incentives in the Age of Driverless Cars PDF
2019-10-11 Prof. Hsiao-Hui LEE Product Recall Delays and Product Cycles PDF
2019-10-08 Dr Clifford Winston Measuring the Benefits of Ride-Haling Services to Urban Travelers: The Case of the San Francisco Bay Area PDF
2019-08-30 Ms Abe Pui Lam JONG Learning through Internationalizations: Do Overseas Expansions of Chinese Firms Reduce their Environmental Violations? PDF
2019-08-27 Mr Shifu XU JD Operates Through Chinese New Year — Will This Be Tmall’s Waterloo? PDF
2019-08-27 Ms Shengnan SHU New Models and Solution Methods for Service Network Design: A Preliminary Study PDF
2019-08-26 Mr Qinshen TANG Joint Pricing and Production: A Fusion of Machine Learning and Robust Optimization PDF
2019-08-16 Mr Hsiang-Kai WENG Determinants of Employees’ Safety Behaviours in Container Terminal Operators in Taiwan: The Roles of Leader-Member Exchange and Safety Climate PDF
2019-08-14 Ms Hang YU A Base Model Studying Subcontracting Strategy between Service Provider and Subcontractor with Consumer Choice Behavior PDF
2019-08-20 Dr Yan LIU An Analysis of ''Buy X, Get One Free'' Reward Programs PDF
2019-08-09 Mr Chih Wen LEE The Effects of Marketing Competence on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Container Shipping Services PDF
2019-08-19 Prof. Haresh GURNANI The Informational Role of Buyback Contracts PDF
2019-07-30 Ms Shuo FENG Research on the Credit Risks Analysis and Control of Logistics Banking in the Macroeconomic Circumstance in China PDF
2019-07-25 Ms Hongyi GU Identifying substitution and complementary effects in air-rail competition PDF
2019-07-23 Prof. Shiyuan ZHENG Investment Competition on Dedicated Terminals under Demand Ambiguity PDF
2019-07-15 Mr Shuli LIU Impact of High-Speed Rail Network Development on Airport Traffic and Traffic Distribution: Evidence from China and Japan PDF
2019-06-28 Dr Fang FANG Sourcing and Procurement Cost Allocation in Multi-Division Firms PDF
2019-06-19 Prof. Saif BENJAAFAR Operations Management in the Age of the Sharing Economy: What Is Old and What Is New? PDF
2019-06-14 Prof. Ming HU Values of Traceability in Supply Chains PDF
2019-06-11 Dr Luyi YANG To Brush or Not to Brush: Product Rankings, Customer Search, and Fake Orders PDF
2019-05-24 Mr Kai WANG Optimization Applications in Maritime Logistics and Operations PDF
2019-05-20 Mr Jinan SHAO Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility in Chinese Enterprises: Its Antecedents and Performance Effects PDF
2019-05-16 Ms Shujun GUO Consumers’ Information Searching Behavior in an Omnichannel Environment PDF
2019-05-23 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Inventory Control Driven by Demand Delta: Optimality and Computation of Base Stocks PDF
2019-05-15 Ms Yuxiao YE Two studies in firm voluntary management systems: The impact of ISO 14001 adoption on firm performance PDF
2019-05-08 Mr Hao LANG A Pricing Versus Slots Game in Airport Networks PDF
2019-05-09 Ms Wenjuan YANG Research on impacts of online reviews from channel perspective PDF
2019-05-07 Ms Yuqing PAN Coordinating Vaccine Market via Government Subsidies under Customer Regret PDF
2019-06-13 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL Robust Capacity Planning for Project Management PDF
2019-05-14 Ms Yunjuan KUANG Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Operations Management: Behavioral Pricing, Omnichannel and Horizontal Merger PDF
2019-04-09 Ms Ran YAN Development of a Non-Parametric Classifier: Effective Identification, Algorithm, and Applications in Port State Control for Maritime Transportation PDF
2019-03-27 Dr Hui ZHAO Inducing Compliance with Post-Market Studies for Drugs under FDA’s Accelerated Approval Pathway PDF
2019-03-20 Dr Guangwen KONG Referral, Learning and Inventory Decisions in Social Networks PDF
2019-03-14 Prof. Tyson R. BROWNING Part I: Research Applications of the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Part II: Publishing in the Journal of Operations Management PDF
2019-02-27 Prof. Benny MANTIN Does Price Volatility Influence Demand of Revenue Managed Goods? PDF
2019-02-26 Dr Mehmet GUMUS Short-term Housing Rentals and Corporatization of Platform Pricing PDF
2019-02-22 Prof. Mingming LENG Multi-Player Allocations in the Presence of Diminishing Marginal Contributions: Core, Nucleolus, and Applications in Management Science PDF
2019-02-15 Prof. J. George Shanthikumar Data Science for Operations Management PDF
2019-01-31 Ms Xuan WANG Three Studies on Behavioral Operations Management in E-commerce: Return Policy, Labor Delivery, and New Retail PDF
2019-01-24 Prof. Mogens FOSGERAU The Characteristics Entropy Model PDF
2019-01-29 Ms Wei ZHANG Clustered coverage orienteering problem of unmanned surface vehicles for water sampling PDF
2019-01-08 Prof. Stein-Erik FLETEN Dynamic Hedging for the Real Option Management of Electricity Storage PDF
2019-01-11 Mr Ding ZOU Unlock the Crowdsourcing Potential to Improve the Service Level of the Urban Bicycle Sharing System PDF
2019-01-25 Prof. Quan-Lin LI Pyramid-Type Markov Processes in Blockchain with Selfish Mining Alliances PDF
2019-01-18 Dr Sergei SAVIN Managing Portfolio of Elective Surgical Procedures: A Multidimensional Inverse Newsvendor Problem PDF
2019-01-03 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Supply Chains Involving a Mean-Variance-Skewness-Kurtosis Newsvendor: Analysis and Coordination PDF
2019-01-08 Mr Zhenwei LUO Early Bird Discount with Bayesian Updating PDF
2019-01-04 Prof. Zuo-Jun Max SHEN End-to-end Inventory Replenishment Model PDF
Date Presenter's name Title Attachment
2018-12-12 Mr Lingxiao WU Three studies on bulk shipping management PDF
2018-12-13 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND Contractual barriers to energy efficiency in shipping PDF
2018-12-07 Prof. Xiaobo QU Optimizing intermodal transit network through fare design: two case studies in Sydney PDF
2018-12-07 Dr Volodymyr BABICH Does crowdfunding benefit entrepreneurs and venture capital investors? PDF
2018-12-03 Mr Fanbo MENG Studies on the Adoption and Usage of Mobile Health Services by Elderly Users: the Role of Trust PDF
2018-11-30 Dr Shuya YIN More Power to the Retailers? An Upstream Perspective of Power Imbalance in Channels PDF
2018-11-20 Ms Fengfeng HUANG Two Essays on Equilibrium Analysis of Customers' Queueing Behavior PDF
2018-11-16 Prof. Jinting WANG Equilibrium Strategies in Priority Queues with Balking PDF
2018-11-15 Prof. Se-il MUN Economics of Global Terminal Operator PDF
2018-10-29 Ms Mingzhao ZHANG The Indemnity Principle in Cargo Insurance in Multimodal Transport: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Law PDF
2018-11-09 Mr Weijiao WANG The Relationship between Servitization and Firm Performance in Manufacturing Firms: An Empirical Study based on Panel Data PDF
2018-10-22 Mr Hanxiang ZHANG A Series of Airport Management Studies PDF
2018-10-22 Mr Markus VEJVAR Essays on Sustainability Issues in Transportation Management PDF
2018-10-24 Dr Shilu TONG Dynamic Contract under Quick Response in a Supply Chain PDF
2018-10-11 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL INFORMS, Analytics, Research and Challenges PDF
2018-10-10 Prof. Terry TAYLOR On-Demand Service Platforms PDF
2018-10-05 Dr Zhaolin LI Robust Optimal Production Structure for Assembly with Information Asymmetry PDF
2018-09-28 Prof. Fernando G. BERNSTEIN Competition between Two-Sided Platforms under Demand and Supply Congestion Effects PDF
2018-09-21 Prof. Liang GUO The Mnemonomics of Contract Overchoice PDF
2018-09-12 Dr Xiangyu GAO Stochastic Optimization with Decisions Truncated by Random Variables PDF
2018-08-29 Prof. Suresh P. Sethi Profit Allocation, Decision Sequence and Compliance Aspects of Coordinating Contracts: A Retrospect PDF
2018-08-22 Mr ZHANG Lingge Two studies on the computable equilibrium analysis: Trade liberalization and iron ore international market PDF
2018-08-07 Prof. Zhi-Long Chen Robust Dynamic Pricing with Two Substitutable Products PDF
2018-08-06 Dr Jim Junmin SHI Blockchain Design for Supply Chain Management PDF
2018-06-26 Ms ZHANG Ping Sharing Strategy for Hospital Consignment Inventories PDF
2018-06-22 Prof. Anming ZHANG Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Manufacturers’ Incentive and Government Policy PDF
2018-06-15 Ms ZHUGE Dan Schedule design for liner services under Vessel Speed Reduction Incentive Programs PDF
2018-06-14 Ms Tang Yanli Information Sharing, Pricing Timing and Platform Selection PDF
2018-06-06 Dr Nan LIU Withholding Capacity from Strategic Patients PDF
2018-05-31 Ms Xiaoxia LI Volatility Spillovers among Bunker Fuel Markets PDF
2018-05-24 Mr Shuai JIA Managing Navigation Channel Traffic and Anchorage Area Utilization of a Container Port PDF
2018-05-23 Dr Grace W.Y. WANG Using Game Theory to Mitigate Production Disruption in a Cruise Supply Chain PDF
2018-05-18 Prof. Jayashankar M. SWAMINATHAN Optimal Seeding Policy under Rainfall Uncertainty PDF
2018-05-16 Prof. Ming HU Blockbuster or Niche? Competitive Strategy under Network Effects PDF
2018-04-27 Mr Xiaofei ZHANG Studies on Users’ Affective Evaluations of mHealth Monitoring Services: Antecedents, Consequences, and Contingent Effects PDF
2018-04-13 Prof. Sang Won KIM Empirical Investigation on the Range Anxiety for Electric Vehicles PDF
2018-03-29 Dr Dan ZHANG Breaking the Code of Dynamic Pricing PDF
2018-03-29 Ms Yujuan GUO Two Essays on the Behavioural Aspect of Operations Management: Employee Attributes and Customer Participations PDF
2018-03-23 Prof. Roberto BALDACCI Optimal Solution of Vehicle Routing Problems with Fractional Objective Function PDF
2018-03-15 Prof. Saif BENJAAFAR Labor Welfare in On-Demand Service Platforms PDF
2018-03-13 Prof. Richard ARNOTT Incentive Regulation of Transportation Network Companies: Some Preliminary Thoughts PDF
2018-03-09 Dr Jing WU Credit Event Contagion in Supply Chains PDF
2018-03-07 Prof. Martin DRESNER The Impact of Baggage Fees on Passenger Demand, Airfares, and Airline Operations in the US PDF
2018-02-27 Mr Hao LANG A Series of Studies on Air Transport Congestion Management Policies PDF
2018-02-27 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND What Is The Value of Foresight in The Dybulk Freight Market? PDF
2018-02-15 Ms Shanyin CHEN Four Essays on Green-Competitiveness PDF
2018-02-09 Dr Yang BO Determining Process Capacity: Intractability and Efficient Special Cases PDF
2018-02-02 Dr S. Alex YANG Financial Pooling in a Supply Chain PDF
2018-02-01 Dr Yuquan DU Data-driven Ship Voyage Management PDF
2018-01-26 Prof. Brian TOMLIN The Internet of Things and Information Fusion: Who Talks to Who? PDF
2018-01-25 Ms Li DING Event Studies in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An Overview and Two Empirical Studies PDF
2018-01-23 Prof. Xenophon KOUFTEROS Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: A Behavioral Experiment PDF
2018-01-22 Ms Lik Man Daphne YIU Two Essays on Risks and Returns in Operations Management PDF
2018-01-15 Prof. Baojun JIANG The Bright Side of Having an Enemy PDF
2018-01-12 Prof. Sarang DEO Managing Multichannel Healthcare Delivery: Evidence from a Large Eye-care Network in South India PDF
2018-01-05 Prof. Stein W. WALLACE Handling High-dimensional Dependent Random Variables in Stochastic Vehicle Routing PDF
2018-01-04 Prof. David SIMCHI-LEVI Online Resource Allocation with Applications to Revenue Management PDF
2018-01-04 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Procurement Contract with a Supplier with Private Information Regarding His Reliability and Effort for Its Improvement PDF
Date Presenter Topic Attachment
2017-12-18 Prof. Yunchuan LIU Distribution Channel Choice and Divisional Conflict in Remanufacturing Operations PDF
2017-12-07 Mr Man Kit Michael NG Antecedents and Performance Outcomes of Green Innovation Adoption: An Empirical Study of the Shipping Industry PDF
2017-12-04 Ms Yi ZHANG Risk Pooling Through Offline Probabilistic Selling PDF
2017-11-23 Dr Huiyin OUYANG Stochastic Modelling and Decision Analysis in Healthcare Operations PDF
2017-11-17 Ms Hang Fa TONG A Study in Modern Container Terminal Efficiency PDF
2017-11-17 Prof. Xin CHEN Fair Risk Pooling and Sharing PDF
2017-11-10 Professor Sergei SAVIN Performance Incentives and Competition in Healthcare Markets PDF
2017-11-03 Ms Xiaofan WU Managing Liner Shipping Operations With Bigger Ships And Larger Alliances: Theory And Practice PDF
2017-10-25 Prof. Ricardo FLORES-FILLOL Platform Pricing and Consumer Foresight: The Case of Airports PDF
2017-10-13 Professor Yukihiro KIDOKORO Forms of Airport Regulation and Privatization: Effects on Airport Charge, Capacity and Welfare PDF
2017-10-11 Prof. Anming ZHANG Effects of High-Speed Rail Speed on Airline Demand and Price: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment PDF
2017-10-11 Professor Yun Fong LIM Matching Supply With Demand For Online Retailing PDF
2017-10-04 Mr Xun TONG Essays on Safety and Security Issues in Shipping and Transport Logistics PDF
2017-10-04 Professor Naima SAEED Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Norway’s Bilateral Maritime Trade Flow to Its Major Trading Partners PDF
2017-09-29 Professor Hai YANG A Revenue-preserving and Pareto-improving Strategy for Managing Transit Peak-hour Congestion PDF
2017-09-21 Dr Guangzhi SHANG The Impact of Waiting on Customer Response Delay: Field Evidence from an Online Contact Center PDF
2017-09-20 Prof. Nikos Nomikos Disentangling Supply and Demand Shocks in Shipping Markets PDF
2017-09-13 Dr Stephen SHUM Dynamic Operations Management with Strategic Customers PDF
2017-09-01 Dr Atsuo SUZUKI Applications of Operations Research to the Real Problems – Rostering, Scheduling and Assignment PDF
2017-08-10 Prof. Rachel R. CHEN Reward-based Crowdfunding Campaigns: Informational Value and Access to Venture Capital PDF
2017-07-13 Dr Qiuping YU A Quality Value Chain Network: Linking Supply Chain Quality to Customer Lifetime Value PDF
2017-07-12 Prof. M. Johnny RUNGTUSANATHAM Mitigating Operational Glitches in Complex Manufacturing with Information: Is an ERP System the Best Solution? PDF
2017-07-05 Dr Xianghua GAN Selection of Statistical Inferencing Methods in a Data-driven Newsvendor Problem PDF
2017-06-23 Prof. Roar ÅDLAND Indirect Ship Hull Condition Monitoring Using Speed and Fuel Consumption Analysis PDF
2017-06-21 Prof. Nicholas G. HALL Project Management: Incentive Design and Work Package Planning PDF
2017-06-12 Prof. Suresh P. SETHI Feedback Stackelberg-Nash Equilibria in Mixed Leadership Games with an Application to Cooperative Advertising PDF
2017-06-05 Prof. Z. Max SHEN Shared Mobility for Last-Mile Delivery: Design, Operational Prescriptions and Environmental Impact PDF
2017-05-29 Prof. Qi Annabelle Feng Posted Pricing versus Bargaining in Sequential Selling Process PDF
2017-05-24 Prof. J. George SHANTHIKUMAR Applications of Joint Stochastic Orders in Arrangement and Allocation PDF
2017-05-18 Mr Shuli LIU Evolution of High-speed Rail and Its Impact on Air Transport in Northeast Asian Markets: A Network Perspective PDF
2017-05-17 Dr Cuihong LI Design and Pricing of Discretionary Service Lines PDF
2017-05-16 Prof. Jin WANG Development of Decision Making Techniques for Analysing the Designation of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) PDF
2017-05-12 Prof. Robin LINDSEY Tradable Permit Schemes for Controlling Traffic Congestion with Variable Capacity and Demand PDF
2017-05-09 Miss Weijiao WANG The Moderating Effects of Multi-level Factors on the Relationship between Manufacturing Servitization and Firm Performance PDF
2017-04-28 Prof. Koichiro TEZUKA Game Theoretical Analysis on Shipping Freight Markets under Uncertainty PDF
2017-04-26 Mr Kai WANG Cruise Service Planning Considering Berth Availability and Decreasing Marginal Profit PDF
2017-04-25 Ms Yaqi PU Investigating Practices in Telecommunications Supply Chain Management PDF
2017-04-06 Dr Rick SO Coordinating Supply and Demand on an On-demand Service Platform with Impatient Customers PDF
2017-03-31 Prof. Fuqiang ZHANG 3D Printing vs. Traditional Flexible Technology: Implications for Manufacturing Strategy PDF
2017-03-29 Dr Peng HU Dynamic Pricing with Reference Price Effects PDF
2017-03-17 Dr Zhijian CUI Do Employees Leave their Jobs in Herds? An Empirical Study of Employee Turnover PDF
2017-03-14 Dr Alexandre JACQUILLAT An Integrated Scheduling and Operations Approach to Airport Congestion Mitigation PDF
2017-03-03 Dr Ye LU K-Approximate Convexity and Its Applications PDF
2017-02-21 Dr Xiaowen FU Market Potential and Barriers for Liberlization - An analysis of the aviation market in Central Asia PDF
2017-02-17 Dr Guoming LAI The Effects of Stock Market Reaction on Firms* Inventory Operations PDF
2017-02-16 Ms Yanli TANG Information Sharing and Agency Platform Choice with Alternative Pricing Time PDF
2017-02-13 Dr Xiaobo QU Ship Collision Risk Assessment for Restricted Waterways PDF
2017-01-24 Dr Volodymyr Bilotkach Airport Delays and Metropolitan Employment PDF
2017-01-17 Mr MENG Fanbo Trust Dynamics in the Adoption and Usage of Mobile Health Services by the Elderly in China PDF
2017-01-16 Ms KUANG Yunjuan Pricing Substitutable Products When Consumers Regret PDF
2017-01-13 Professor Vinod Singhal The Effect of the Rana Plaza Disaster on Shareholder Wealth of Retailers: Implications for Sourcing Strategies and Supply Chain Governance PDF
2017-01-13 Mr JIA Shuai Managing Navigation Channel Traffic and Anchorage Area Utilization of a Container Port PDF
2017-01-13 Ms HE Yuxuan Humanitarian Medical Allocation for Public Health Emergencies PDF
2017-01-12 Mr XIA Jun Two Essays on Liner Shipping Network Design PDF
2017-01-11 Mr FU Jinjin Capacity Allocation of Liner Ships when Considering Strategically Throwing away Cargoes PDF
2017-01-11 Prof. Thomas CHOI Supply Networks and Nexus Supplier Index PDF
2017-01-09 Dr Shouqiang WANG Audit and Remediation Strategies in the Presence of Evasion Capabilities PDF
2017-01-05 Prof. Suresh P. Sethi 5 Steps to Supply Chain Coordination PDF
2017-01-04 Dr Tao LI A Responsive Pricing Retailer Sourcing from Competing Suppliers Facing Disruption PDF
2017-01-04 Prof. Kevin Linderman An Empirical Investigation of Transaction Dynamics in Online Surplus Networks: A Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective PDF
Date Presenter Topic Attachment
2016-12-16 Ms WANG Tiantian New Algorithm for Yard Space Allocation Problem with a Time Dimension PDF
2016-12-05 Prof. Guillermo GALLEGO Approximation Algorithms for Product Framing and Pricing PDF
2016-11-28 Prof. Zaili YANG Development of Safety Research of Maritime Supply Chains PDF
2016-11-25 Dr Zhenyu HU Puzzle of Gain-Seeking and the Dynamic Pricing Problem PDF
2016-11-07 Prof. Adolf K.Y. Ng Institutions and climate adaptation management: The experience from ports PDF
2016-11-04 Dr Quan-Lin Li From RG-Factorizations to Black Hole Effect in Stochastic Models PDF
2016-10-17 Mr Markus VEJVAR Essays on Sustainability Issues in Shipping and Transportation Management PDF
2016-10-14 Dr Eric PARK Patient Prioritization in Emergency Department Triage Systems: An Empirical Study of Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) PDF
2016-09-28 Prof. Eddie Anderson Forward Contracting in Commodity Markets with Private Information PDF
2016-09-27 Prof. Anming ZHANG A General-Equilibrium Analysis of Airport Pricing, Capacity and Regulation PDF
2016-09-23 Dr Xuan WANG Online Resource Allocation with Limited Flexibility PDF
2016-09-23 Mr LEE Chih Wen Liner Pricing Practices and Pricing Transformation PDF
2016-09-06 Dr Rowan WANG Appointment Systems under Service Level Constraints? PDF
2016-08-31 Mr YANG Dingtong An empirical study about transshipment throughput of the port of Hong Kong PDF
2016-08-22 Prof. Christopher S. TANG Improving Environmental, Health and Safety in Supply Chains: Some Preliminary Studies PDF
2016-08-18 Ms WANG Xuan Pricing and return policies in a competitive market: A consumer-valuation based analysis with valuation uncertainties PDF
2016-08-16 Dr Zizhuo WANG Bayesian Dynamic Learning and Pricing with Strategic Customers PDF
2016-08-15 Prof. Nikos Nomikos The Second-hand Market for Ships: A Behavioural Finance Approach PDF
2016-08-09 Prof. Roar Ådland Are AIS-based trade volume estimates reliable? The case of crude oil exports PDF
2016-08-05 Ms LI Mengchi Economic Analysis of Location Behavior for High-end Maritime Service Cluster PDF
2016-08-01 Prof. Manolis G. Kavussanos Risk management in shipping and freight derivatives PDF
2016-07-29 HAO Zhongyuan On The Value of Demand Information Dissemination PDF
2016-07-26 Professor Pierre Hansen Exact Algorithms for Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering PDF
2016-07-20 Professor M. Johnny Rungtusanatham Why Are (Your) Supply Chain Disruptions Severe? Firm and Managerial Considerations PDF
2016-07-13 Professor Max SHEN Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems PDF
2016-07-08 Professor Nicholas G. HALL Research and Teaching Opportunities in Project Management PDF
2016-07-07 Dr Dongyuan ZHAN Incentive Based Service System Design: Staffing and Compensation to Trade Off Speed and Quality PDF
2016-06-22 Prof. Philipp Afèche Revenue-Maximizing Pricing and Service Policies for Queueing Systems with Strategic Customers PDF
2016-06-10 Mr HAU Kai Pun Jacky Business Process Virtualization: An Empirical Study of Performance Implications and Contextual Factors of Success PDF
2016-05-19 Mr WENG Hsiang-kai The Moderating Effect of Safety Climate on Leader-Member Exchange, Safety Commitment and Safety Behavior in Container Shipping Operations PDF
2016-05-16 Mr PENG Wen Hao (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Heterogeneous Agent Model in Shipping Discipline PDF
2016-04-19 Prof. Jiuh-Biing Sheu (Industrial Marketing Management Distinguished Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University) Date with Editor-in-Chief for Research and Paper Publication PDF
2016-04-11 Professor Michael F. Sturley (School of Law, The University of Texas at Austin) Jurisdiction and Arbitration under the Rotterdam Rules PDF
2016-04-11 Ms Wen JIAO (PhD Candidate, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Dynamic Pricing for Stochastic Container Leasing System PDF
2016-04-05 Ms Xiyan Wang (PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of California, Irvine) Service Competition in the Airline Industry: Schedule Robustness and Market Structure PDF
2016-03-30 Mr Guang XIAO (PhD Candidate, Olin Business School, Washington University) Supply Diversification under Price Dependent Demand and Random Yield PDF
2016-03-29 Ms Xiaomeng GUO (PhD Candidate, Olin Business School, Washington University) Push, Pull, and Delayed Payment Contracts When a Manufacturer Wants to Expand his Product Line PDF
2016-03-21 Mr ZHAO Xiaowei (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Research on International Container Transport Chain Security Model and Its Application PDF
2016-03-18 Prof. J. George Shanthikumar (Richard E. Dauch Chair in Manufacturing and Operations Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University) Integrating Dynamic Pricing with Inventory Decisions under Lost Sales PDF
2016-03-15 Prof. Qi Annabelle FENG (John and Donna Krenicki Chair in Operations Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University) Supply and Demand Functions in Inventory Models PDF
2016-03-04 Dr Shunsuke MANAGI (Distinguished Professor of Technology and Policy, Director of Urban Institute, Kyushu University) Future of Maritime Industry: View from Inclusive Wealth PDF
2016-03-02 Dr Zachary LEUNG (Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong) Analysis of a New Class of Liver Allocation Policies PDF
2016-02-25 Ms ZHANG Mingzhao (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) The Indemnity Principle in Cargo Insurance for Multimodal Transport: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Law PDF
2016-02-24 Dr Jianfu WANG (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University) Efficient Ignorance: Information Heterogeneity in a Queue PDF
2016-02-19 Ms HUANG Fengfeng (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Customer Queueing Strategy with Customer Rating Information PDF
2016-02-02 Prof. Haipeng SHEN (Professor of Innovation and Information Management, School of Business, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong) Parametric Forecasting and Stochastic Programming Models for Call-Center Workforce Scheduling PDF
2016-01-29 Mr Xin WANG (PhD Candidate, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University) Green Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty - A Global Game Approach PDF
2016-01-25 Mr PAN Kai (PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida) A Polyhedral Study of the Integrated Minimum-Up/-Down Time and Ramping Polytope PDF
2016-01-20 Mr ZHANG Xiaofei (PhD Student, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Study of Users’ Affective Evaluations on mHealth Monitoring Service: Antecedents and Consequences PDF
2016-01-19 Ms Ying LIU (PhD Candidate. Stern School of Business. New York University) Intertemporal Pricing under Minimax Regret PDF
2016-01-18 Mr Xi HE (PhD Candidate. Cornell University) Bilateral Interactions in Two-Sided Networks --- Intervening Opportunities and Matching Theories in Transportation, Trade and Supply Chains Analysis PDF
2016-01-13 Prof. Paul H. Zipkin (Professor Emeritus of Business Administration. Duke University) Some Specially Structured Assemble-to-Order Systems PDF
2016-01-12 Dr Liping JIANG (Associate Professor. Department of Operations Management. Copenhagen Business School) Dr Liping JIANG (Associate Professor. Department of Operations Management. Copenhagen Business School) PDF
2016-01-08 Mr Xiang HUI (PhD Candidate. Department of Economics. The Ohio State University) ICT and Third-Party Information Providers: A Randomized Field Experiment PDF
2016-01-07 Mr Renyu (Philip) ZHANG (PhD Candidate. Olin Business School. Washington University) Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Management under Network Externalities (with Nan Yang) PDF
2016-01-06 Dr Yan LIU (Assistant Professor. School of Information Management and Engineering. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) Optimal Dynamic Pricing with Patient Customers PDF
2016-01-05 Prof. Wolfgang Drobetz (Full professor. Chair for Corporate Finance and Ship Finance. University of Hamburg) Cash Flow Sensitivities in the Shipping Industry PDF