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Selected Recent Publications

Date Contents Authors
2016 “Multi-methodological research in operations management”. Production and Operations Management, 25, 379-389 Choi, T.M., Cheng, T.C.E. and Zhao, X.D.
2016 “Incentive-Driven Information Dissemination in Two-Tier Supply Chains”. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 18, 3, 393-413 ( Jiang, L., Zhongyuan Hao
2016 “Nonlinear pricing for stochastic container leasing system”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 89, pp.1–1 Wen Jiao, H.Yan, King-Wah Pang
2016 “Joint Inventory and Pricing Coordination with Incomplete Demand Information”. Production and Operations Management, 25, 4, 701-718 Y. Lu, Miao Song, Yi Yang
2015 “Acceptance of the international compensation regime for tanker oil pollution – And its implications for China”. Marine Policy, Vol. 61, 179-186 B. Dong, L. Zhu, K. Li, M. Luo
2015 “Managing nonperishable inventories with learning on stock-out times”. Operations Research, 63, 602–609 Bensoussan, A., and P. Guo
2015 “The Implications of Utilizing Market Information and Adopting Agricultural Advice for Farmers in Developing Economies”. Production and Operations Management, 24, 8, 1197-1215 C. Tang, Y. Wang and M. Zhao
2015 “Analyzing Acceptance of the International Compensation Regime for Tanker Oil Pollution Damage – and its Implications for China”. Marine Policy, Vol. 61, November, pp.179-186 B. Dong, L. Zhu, K. Li, M. Luo
2015 “The Effects of Multitasking on Operations Scheduling”. Production and Operations Management, Vol. 24, No. 4, pp.1248-1265 Hall, N.G., J.Y.-T. Leung and C.-L. Li
2015 “Joint Planning of Fleet Deployment, Speed Optimization and Cargo Allocation for Liner Shipping”. Transportation Science (TS), 49(4), 922-938 J. Xia, K. Li, H. Ma, and Z. Xu
2015 “Strategic choice of alliance membership under local competition and global networks”. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 49(2), 316-337 Jiang, C, Wan, Y., D'Alfonso, T.
2015 “Managing Sourcing Sequence and Supplier Competition for Component Manufacturing”. Production and Operations Management, 24(2), 287-310 Jiang, L.
2015 “Modeling the relationship between ship price and freight rate along with structural changes”. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 49(2), 276-294 Kou Y. & Luo, M.
2015 “A tree-structured crash surrogate measure for freeways”. Accident Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 77, pp.137–148 Kuang, Y., Qu, X., Wang, S.
2015 “Modeling the Impacts of Emission Trading Scheme on International Shipping”. Transportation Research Part A, Vol. 77, 35-49 Kun Wang, Xiaowen Fu, M. Luo
2015 “Empirical estimation of price and income elasticities of air cargo demand: The case of Hong Kong”. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 78, 309-324 Lo, W.W.L., Wan, Y. and Zhang, A.
2015 “A tailored branch-and-price approach for a tramp ship routing and bunkering problem”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 72, pp.1–19 Meng, Q., Wang, S., Lee, C.-Y.
2015 “Multi-period liner ship fleet planning with dependent uncertain shipment demand”. Maritime Policy and Management, Vol. 42, No. 1, pp.43–67 Meng, Q., Wang, T., Wang, S.
2015 “On the fundamental diagram for freeway traffic: a novel calibration approach for single-regime models”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 73, pp.91–102 Qu, X., Wang, S., Zhang J.
2015 “Determinants of injuries in passenger vessel accidents”. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 82, 112-117 TL Yip, D Jin, WK Talley
2015 “Airport congestion pricing and terminal investment: effects of terminal congestion, passenger types and concessions”. Transportation Research Part B: Methodology, 82, 91-113 Wan, Y., Jiang, C. and Zhang, A.
2015 “Profit-based maritime container assignment models for liner shipping networks”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 72, pp.59–76 Wang, S., Liu, Z., Bell, M.G.H.
2015 “Segment-based alteration for container liner shipping network design”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 72, pp.128–145 Wang, S., Liu, Z., Meng, Q.
2015 “Estimation of the perceived value of transit time for containerized cargoes”. Transportation Research Part A, Vol. 78, pp.298–308 Wang, S., Qu, X., Yang, Y.
2015 “The Reference Effects on a Retailer's Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Strategies with Strategic Consumers”. Operations Research, 63(6), 1320-1335 Wu, S., Q. Liu, R. Q. Zhang
2015 “A 3/2-Approximation Algorithm the Multiple TSP with a Fixed Number of Depots”. INFORMS Journal on Computing (IJOC), 27(4), 636-645 Z. Xu and B. Rodrigues
2015 “Insuring Against Marine Pollution Liability: An International perspective”. Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Vol. 46, No. 3, July, pp.373-393 Zhu, Ling and Zhang, Mingzhao
2015 A Feasibility Assessment of the Application of the Polluter-Pays Principle to Ship-Source Pollution in Hong Kong”. Marine Policy, 57, pp.36-44 Zhu, Ling and Zhao, Yachao
2015 “Is the Polluter Paying for Vessel-Source Pollution?”. Journal of Business Law, Issue 4, pp.348-360 Zhu, Ling
2014 “Optimal joint distance and time toll for cordon-based congestion pricing”. Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 69, pp.81–97 Liu, Z., Wang, S., Meng, Q.
2014 “Containership routing and scheduling in liner shipping: overview and future research directions”. Transportation Science, Vol. 48, No. 2, pp.265–280 Meng, Q., Wang, S., Andersson, H., Thun, K.
2014 “On the Downs-Thomas paradox in a self-financing two-tier queuing system”. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 16, 315-322 Guo, P., R. Lindsey and G. Zhang
2014 “Dynamic Container Deployment: Two-Stage Robust Model, Complexity, and Computational Results”. INFORMS Journal on Computing, Vol. 26, No. 1, 135-149 J. Shu, Miao Song
2014 “Lead-lag relationship between new-building and second-hand ship prices”. Maritime Policy & Management, 61(4), 303-327 Kou, Y., Liu, L. & J. Shu, Luo, M.
2014 “Spillover effects and dynamic correlations between spot and forward tanker freight markets”. Maritime Policy and Management, 41(7), 683-696 Li KX, Qi G, Shi W, Wang Z, Bang HS, Woo SH, Yip TL
2014 “Assessing China’s Legislation on Compensation for Marine Ecological Damage: A Case Study of the Bohai Oil Spill”. Marine Policy, 50, 18-26 Liu, Dan and Zhu, Ling
2014 “OHSAS 18001 Certification and Operating Performance: The Role of Complexity and Coupling”. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 32, pp.268-280 Lo, C. K. Y., M. Pagell, D. Fan, F. Wiengarten and A. C. L. Yeung
2014 “Green shipping practices and firm performance”. Maritime Policy and Management, 41(2), 134-148 , Wong, C. W. Y. and
2014 “Firm Growth and Market Concentration in Ocean Liner Shipping”. Journal of Transport Economics & Policy, 48(1), 171-187 , Fan, L., & Wilson, W. W.
2014 “The comparison of two vertical outsourcing structures under push and pull contracts”. Production and Operations Management, 23, 610-625 Wang ,Y., B. Niu and P. Guo
2014 “The Moderating Effects of Knowledge Characteristics of Firms on the Financial Value of Innovative Technology Products”. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 32, pp.79-87 X. Liu., A. C. L. Yeung, C. K. Y. Lo and T. C. E. Cheng
2014 “Inventory Control with a Fixed Cost and a Piece-wise Linear Convex Cost”. Production and Operations Management, Vol. 23, No. 11, 1966-1984 Y. Lu, J. Shu, Miao Song
2014 “Optimal Pricing and Inventory Control Policy with Quantity-Based Price Differentiation”. Operations Research, Vol. 62, No. 3, 512-523 Y. Lu, Y. Chen, J. Shu, Miao Song, X. Yan
2014 “The Laws Applicable to Multimodal Transport Contracts in China”. Journal of Business Law, Issue 7, pp.541-563 Zhu, Ling and Ding, Lianzhi
2014 “Probing Compulsory Insurance for Maritime Liability”. The Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, Vol. 45, Issue No. 1, pp.63-76 Zhu, Ling
2014 “A Game Theory Analysis of Port Specialization—Implications to the Chinese Port Industry”. Maritime Policy & Management, 41(3), 268-287 Zhuang, W., Luo, M. & Fu, X.
2013 “Flag choice behavior in the world merchant fleet”. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, 9(5), 429-450 Luo, M., Fan, L., & Li, K. X.
2013 “Robust Stochastic Lot-Sizing by Means of Histograms”. Production and Operations Management, Vol. 22, No. 3, 691-710 D. Klabjan, D. Simchi-Levi, Miao Song
2013 “Airport pricing, concession revenues and passenger types”. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 47(1), 71-89 D’Alfonso, T., Jiang, C. and Wan, Y.
2013 “Analyzing ship investment behavior in liner shipping”. Maritime Policy & Management, 40(6), 511-533 Fan, L. & Luo, M.
2013 “Strategic queueing behavior and its impact on system performance in service systems with congestion-based-staffing policy”. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 15 118-134 Guo, P. and G. Zhang
2013 “Regional cooperation and management of port pollution”. Maritime Policy and Management, 40(5), 451-466 Homsombat W, Yip TL, Yang HJ, Fu XW
2013 “On the Effects of Capacity Agent on Market Equilibrium”. Production and Operations Management, 22(3), 676-690 Jiang, L.
2013 “Legal System for Compensation for Marine Oil Pollution in China”. Maritime Policy & Management, 40(5), pp.404-416 Li, Kevin X., Dong, Bingying and Zhu, Ling
2013 “Impact of Contextual Factors on the Performance of ISO 9000 Adopting Firms”. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 31, pp.229-235 Lo, C. K. Y., F. Wiengarten, P. K. Humphreys, A. C. L. Yeung and T. C. E. Cheng
2013 “Emission Reduction in International Shipping—the hidden side effects”. Maritime Policy & Management, 40(7), 694-708 Luo, M.
2013 “Urban road congestion and seaport competition”. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 47(1), 55-70 Wan, Y. and Zhang, A.
2013 “Urban road congestion, capacity expansion and port competition: empirical analysis of U.S. container ports”. Maritime Policy and Management, 40(5), 417-438 Wan, Y., Zhang, A. and Yuen, A.
2013 “On the advantage of quantity leadership when outsourcing production to a competitive CM”. Production and Operations Management, 22, 104-119 Wang, Y., B. Niu and P. Guo