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Selected Recent Publications

Date Contents Authors
2019 The impact of reimbursement policy on patient welfare, readmission rate and waiting time in a public healthcare system: Fee-for-service vs bundled payment. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 21, 154-170. Guo, P. , Tang, C., Wang, Y., & Zhao, M.
2019 Joint Pricing and Inventory Control with Fixed and Convex/Concave Variable Costs. Production and Operations Management, 28(4), 847-877. Hu, P., Lu, Y. & Song, M.
2019 Selling a Product Line Through a Retailer When Demand Is Stochastic: Analysis of Price-Only Contracts. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 21(4), 742-760. Dong, L., Guo, X. & Turcic, D.
2019 Half-century research on maritime accidents: future directions. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 123, 448-460. Luo, M. & Shin, J.
2018 Multinational enterprise buyers’ choices for extending corporate social responsibility practices to suppliers in emerging countries: A multi-method study. Journal of Operations Management, 63, 25-43. Tong, X., Lai, K. H. , Zhu, Q., Zhao, S., Chen, J. & Cheng, T. C. E.
2018 Environmental Incidents and the Market Value of Firms: An Empirical Investigation in the Chinese Context. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 20, 422-439. Lo, C.K.Y., C.S. Tang, Y. Zhou, A.C.L. Yeung & F. Di
2018 Service Pricing with Loss-Averse Customers. Operations Research, 66(3), 761-777. Yang, L., Guo, P., & Wang, Y.
2018 Approximation Approaches for Inventory Systems with General Production/Ordering Cost Structures. Production and Operations Management, 27(3), 417-432. Lu, Y., Song, M. & Yang, Y.
2018 Location and Emergency Inventory Pre‐Positioning for Disaster Response Operations: Min‐Max Robust Model and a Case Study of Yushu Earthquake. Production and Operations Management, 27(1), 160-183. Ni, W., Shu, J. & Song, M.
2018 Work Package Sizing and Project Performance. Operations Research, 67(1), 123-142. C.-L. Li & Hall, N.H.
2018 Big data analytics in operations management, Production and Operations Management, 27(10), 1868–1883. Choi, T. M., Wallace, S. W. & Wang, Y.
2018 The Impact of Consumer Fairness Seeking on Distribution Channel Selection: Direct Selling vs. Agent Selling. Production and Operations Management, 27(6), 1148-1167. Yi, Z., Wang, Y., Liu, Y. & Chen, Y. J.
2018 Management of a Shared-Spectrum Network in Wireless Communications. Operations Research, 64(4), 1119–1135 . Wu, S., Zhang, J. & Zhang, R. Q.
2018 On the properties of yield distributions in random yield problems: conditions, class of distributions and relevant applications. Production and Operations Management, 27(7), 1291-1302. Kouvelis, P., Xiao, G. & Yang, N.
2018 Simultaneous Penalization and Subsidization for Stabilizing Grand Cooperation. Operations Research, 66(5), 1362–1375. Liu, L., Qi, X. & Xu, Z.
2018 New Lower Bound and Exact Method for the Continuous Berth Allocation Problem. Operations Research, 66(3), 778-798. Xu, Z. & Lee, C. Y.
2018 Horizontal Subcontracting From Competitors: When and What?. Production and Operations Management, 27(7), 1320-1333. Li, Li & JIANG, Li.
2018 Justifying Diffusion Approximations for Multiclass Queueing Networks under A Moment Condition. Annals of Applied Probability, 28(6), 3652-3697. YE, H.Q. & Yao, D.D
2018 Examining the theoretical–empirical inconsistency on stationarity of shipping freight rate. Maritime Policy and Management, 45(2), 145-158. Kou, Ying, LUO, Meifeng & Zhao, Yifei
2018 Economic feasibility of an NSR/SCR-combined container service on the Asia-Europe lane: a new approach dynamically considering sea ice extent. Maritime Policy and Management, 45(4), 514-529. Xu, Hua, YANG, Dong & Weng, Jinxian
2018 A connectivity reliability-cost approach for path selection in the maritime transportation of China’s crude oil imports. Maritime Policy and Management, 45(5), 567-584. Wang, Shuang, YANG, Dong & Lu, Jing
2018 Impacts of trade liberalization on Chinese economy with Belt and Road initiative. Maritime Policy and Management, 45(3), 301-318. ZHANG, Lingge, LUO, Meifeng, YANG, Dong & Li, Kevin
2018 Port integration method in multi-port regions (MPRs) based on the maximal social welfare of the external transport system. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 110, 243-257. Guo, Liquan, YANG, Dong & Yang, Zhongzhen
2018 Port competition with accessibility and congestion: a theoretical framework and literature review on empirical studies. Maritime Policy and Management, 45(2), 239-259. Wan, Y., Zhang, A., & Li, K. X.
2018 Reducing emissions in transportation and inventory management:(R, Q) Policy with considerations of carbon reduction. European Journal of Operational Research, 267, 944-957. Tang, S.L., Yan, H., Wang, J., & Chu, S.
2018 Supply chain resilience, firm performance, and management policies in the liner shipping industry. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 110, 202-219. Liu, Chiung-Lin, Shang, Kuo-Chung, Lirn, Taih-Cherng, LAI, K.H. & LUN, Y.H.V.
2018 Emission charge and liner shipping network configuration – An economic investigation of the Asia-Europe route. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 110, 291-305. Dai, Wayne Lei, Fu, Xiaowen, YIP, T. L., Hu, Hao & Wang, Kun
2018 Special Issue on ‘Maritime Challenges and Opportunities Embracing Belt and Road’. Maritime Policy & Management, 45(1), 1-2. LU, Chin-shan, Hsu, Wen-Kai Kevin & YIP, T. L.
2018 Assessing the seafaring intention of maritime students in Hong Kong. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 110, 258-273. LU, Chin-shan, WENG, Hsiang-kai, HUANG, Fei, LEUNG, Lai Han & WANG, Wendi
2017 Electricity Time-of-Use Tariff with Stochastic Demand, Production and Operations Management, 26, 64-79, 2017. Dong, C., Ng, C.T. & Cheng, T.C.E.
2017 Multi-Sourcing Supply Network Design: Two-Stage Chance-Constrained Model, Tractable Approximations, and Computational Results. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29(2), 287-300. Y. Li, Song, M., J. Shu, J. Zhang & H. Zheng
2017 Comparison of subsidy schemes for reducing waiting times in health care systems. Production and Operations Management, 26(11), 2033-2049 Guo, P., R. Lindsey & A. Qian.
2017 Air-rail cooperation: Partnership level, market structure and welfare implications. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 104, 461-482. Jiang, Changmin, D'Alfonso, Tiziana & Wan, Yulai
2017 Duration analysis for recurrent ship accidents. Maritime Policy and Management, 44(5), 603-622. LUO, Meifeng, SHIN, Sungho & Chang, Young-Tae
2017 Internalization of port congestion: strategic effect behind shipping line delays and implications for terminal charges and investment. Maritime Policy and Management, 44(1), 112-130. Jiang, Changmin, Wan, Yulai & Zhang, Anming
2017 Cruise service planning considering berth availability and decreasing marginal profit. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 95, 1-18. WANG, Kai, WANG, Shuaian, Zhen, Lu & Qu, Xiaobo
2017 The effects of dynamic capabilities, service capabilities, competitive advantage, and organizational performance in container shipping. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 95, 356-371. Szu-Yu, Kuo, LIn, Pei-Chun & LU, Chin-shan
2017 Dynamics and interactions between spot and forward freights in the dry bulk shipping market. Maritime Policy and Management, 44(2), 271-288. Yin, Jingbo, LUO, Meifeng & Fan, Lixian
2017 Duration analysis of recurrent ship accidents. Maritime Policy and Management, 44(5), 603-622. LUO, Meifeng, SHIN, Sungho & Chang, Young-Tae
2017 How to mix per-flight and per-passenger based airport charges: The oligopoly case, Transportation Research Part B, 104, 483–500. Achim I. Czerny, Simon Cowan & Anming Zhang
2016 The impact of firms’ social media initiatives on operational efficiency and innovativeness, Journal of Operations Management, 47-48, 28-43. Hugo K.S. Lam., A. C. L. Yeung, C. K. Y. Lo & T. C. E. Cheng
2016 Multi-Methodological Research in Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, 25, 379-389. Tsan-Ming Choi, T.C.E. Cheng & Xiande Zhao
2016 Multi-Methodological Research in Operations Management. Production and Operations Management, 25(3), 379-389. CHOI, T.M., CHENG, T.C.E. & Zhao, Xiande
2016 Quality-speed competition in customer-intensive services with boundedly rational customers. Production and Operations Management, 25(11), 1885-1901. Li, R., P. Guo & Z. Lian.
2016 Equilibrium joining strategy and optimal control of a make-to-stock queue. Production and Operations Management, 25(9), 1513-1527. Q. Li, P. Guo, C-L. Li & J. Song
2016 Signaling Through Price and Quality to Consumers with Fairness Concerns. Journal of Marketing Research, 53(6), 988-1000. Xiaomeng Guo & Baojun Jiang
2016 Incentive-driven Information Dissemination in Two-tier Supply Chains. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 18(3), 393-41. Jiang, L. & Z. Hao.
2016 Green Service: Construct Development and Measurement Validation, Production and Operations Management, 25, 432-457. Chan, T.-Y., Wong, C.W.Y., Lai, K.-H., Lun, V.Y.H., Ng, C.T. & Ngai, E.W.T.
2016 Strong Formulations for Multistage Stochastic Self-Scheduling Unit Commitment, Operations Research, 64(6), 1482–1498. K. Pan & Y. Guan
2016 Joint Inventory and Pricing Coordination with Incomplete Demand Information, Production and Operations Management, 25(4), 701-718. Y. Lu, Song, M. & Y. Yang
2016 Impact of Bayesian Learning and Externalities on Strategic Investment. Management Science, 62(2), 550-570. H. Dharma Kwon, Wenxin Xu, Anupam Agrawal & Suresh Muthulingam
2016 Computing Near-Optimal Stable Cost Allocations for Cooperative Games by Lagrangian Relaxation, INFORMS Journal on Computing (IJOC) , 28(4), 687-702. L. Liu, X. Qi & Z. Xu
2016 Diffusion Limit of a Stochastic Network with Multiple Bottlenecks under Fair Resource Control --- Stationary Distributions and Interchange of Limits. Mathematics of Operations Research, 41(4), 1161-1207. Ye H.Q. & D.D. Yao.
2016 Strategic investments in accessibility under port competition and inter-regional coordination. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 93, 102-125. Wan, Yulai, Basso, Leonardo J. & Zhang, Anming
2016 Airlines’ reaction to high-speed rail entries: Empirical study of the Northeast Asian market. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 94, 532-557. Wan, Yulai, Ha, Hun-Koo, Yoshida, Yuichiro & Zhang, Anming
2016 A polynomial-time algorithm for sailing speed optimization with containership resource sharing. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 93, 394-405. WANG, Shuaian & Wang, Xinchang
2016 Examining sustainability performance at ports: Port managers' perspectives on developing sustainable supply chains. Maritime Policy and Management, 8(43), 909-927. LU, Chin-shan, Shang, Kuo-Chung & Lin, Chi-Chang
2016 Nonlinear pricing for stochastic container leasing system. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 89, 1-18. JIAO, Wen, YAN, Hong & PANG, King Wah
2016 Compulsory Insurance and Its Implications. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 563-576. ZHU, Ling & PAN, Xiuhua
2016 From a Voluntary Self-Assessment to a Mandatory Audit Scheme – Monitoring the Implementation of IMO Instruments. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 389-411. ZHU, Ling & Jessen, Henning
2016 A game-theoretical approach for modeling competitions in a maritime supply chain. Maritime Policy and Management, 43(8), 976-991, 2016. Song Liying., YANG Dong., Chin TH Anthony., Zhang, Guangzhi., He, Zhengbing., Guan, Wei., & Mao, Baohua
2016 Container terminal employees' perceptions of the effects of sustainable supply chain management on sustainability performance. Maritime Policy and Management, 43(5), 597-613. LU, Chin-shan, Lai, Po-Lin & Chiang, Yi-Pin
2016 Strategic capacity competition and overcapacity in shipping. Maritime Policy and Management, 43(4), 389-406. Kou, Ying & LUO, Meifeng
2016 The impact of Panama Canal expansion on the container-shipping market: a cooperative game theory approach. Maritime Policy and Management, 43(2), 209-221. Liu, Qing, Wilson, William W. & LUO, Meifeng
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2015 How to mix per-passenger and per-flight based airport charges, Transportation Research Part A, 71, 77-95. Achim I. Czerny & Anming Zhang
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2015 Managing nonperishable inventories with learning on stock-out times. Operations Research, 63, 602–609. Bensoussan, A., and P. Guo
2015 The Implications of Utilizing Market Information and Adopting Agricultural Advice for Farmers in Developing Economies. Production and Operations Management, 24(8), 1197-1215. C. Tang, Y. Wang and M. Zhao
2015 The Effects of Multitasking on Operations Scheduling, Production and Operations Management, 24(4), 1248-1265. Hall, N.G., J.Y.-T. Leung and C.-L. Li
2015 Managing Sourcing Sequence and Supplier Competition for Component Manufacturing. Production and Operations Management, 24(2), 287-310. Jiang, L.
2015 Empirical estimation of price and income elasticities of air cargo demand: The case of Hong Kong. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 78, 309-324. Lo, W.W.L., Wan, Y. and Zhang, A.
2015 Determinants of injuries in passenger vessel accidents. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 82, 112-117. TL Yip, D Jin, WK Talley
2015 Airport congestion pricing and terminal investment: effects of terminal congestion, passenger types and concessions. Transportation Research Part B, 82, 91-113. Wan, Y., Jiang, C. and Zhang, A.
2015 The Reference Effects on a Retailer's Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Strategies with Strategic Consumers. Operations Research, 63(6), 1320-1335. Wu, S., Q. Liu, R. Q. Zhang
2015 A 3/2-Approximation Algorithm the Multiple TSP with a Fixed Number of Depots, INFORMS Journal on Computing (IJOC), 27(4), 636-645. Z. Xu and B. Rodrigues