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External Grants

Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Efficiency and stability of liner shipping alliances in parallel networks Dr LUO Meifeng GRF
Responsible production and financial performance under different operating environment conditions Prof. LAI Kee-hung GRF
Exclusion or Inclusion? When a Critical Component Supplier Meets a Manufacturer with Component-Making Ability Prof. WANG Yulan GRF
Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Product Line Design Dr GUO Xiaomeng GRF
Data-Driven Planning for Smart Vehicle-Grid Integration Systems Dr PAN Kai GRF
A Model of Credit Refund Policy Dr LIU Yan GRF
Supply Risk Mitigation in a Decentralized Supply Chain: Postponing Price or Postponing Payment? Dr XIAO Guang GRF
Design and Analysis of Maintenance Services with Imperfect Online Monitoring: Tradeoff among Online Monitoring Accuracy, Congestion Level and Investment Cost Prof. NG Chi-to GRF
Optimal tournament durations: the longer, the better? Dr CZERNY Achim GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Emergency Large-Scale Epidemic Outbreaks: Medical Relief Production, Allocation and Routing with Demand Forecasting Based on SEIR Epidemic Diffusion Model Prof. NG Chi-to GRF
Pickup and Delivery Vehicle Routing Problems with Split Loads for Asset Repositioning Applications: New Relaxations and Solution Algorithms Prof. XU Zhou GRF
The Impact of Ex Post Quality Heterogeneity and Customer Fairness Concern on Dual Sourcing Strategy Dr WANG Yulan GRF
Optimal Deployment of LNG Bunkering Infrastructure for Emission Reduction in Maritime Transportation Dr WANG Shuaian GRF
Capacity Design for Electrified Shared-Mobility Systems Dr PAN Kai GRF
Impact of Government Subsidy Schemes and Consumer Heterogeneity on Green Product Design and Adoption Dr XIAO Guang GRF
Dynamic Bundling for Revenue Management Dr YE Hengqing GRF
Data-Driven Pricing Strategies in the Presence of Reference Effects Dr WU Shining GRF
Unmanned/Autonomous Merchant Ships: Liability and Insurance Issues Dr ZHU Ling GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Shore Power Deployment Plan: Making at-Berth Emission Reduction Effective Dr Shuaian WANG GRF
Reliable transport schedules: Not worth the effort? Dr Achim CZERNY GRF
Customer Heterogeneity, Service Differentiation and Operational Policy Design of the On-Demand Platforms in the Sharing Economy Dr Yulan WANG GRF
Managing Supply Uncertainty for Multicomponent Assembly Systems Dr Guang XIAO GRF
Reward-Based Crowdfunding in the Presence of Potential Competitor's Imitation Dr Xiaomeng GUO GRF
Strategic Operations Management in Bicyclesharing Industry Dr Wenxin XU GRF
Joint Inventory and Markdown Management for Perishable Products with Censored Demand Data Prof. Pengfei GUO GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Saving the Environment and Saving Lives: Do Environmental Awards in China Reduce Firms’ Operational Risks? Prof. Andy YEUNG GRF
Study on Doctor-Shopping Behavior among Patients and Methods to Reduce This Problem Prof. Pengfei GUO GRF
Omni-channel – the next wave of supply chain evolution Prof. Li JIANG GRF
Emergency Evacuation Routing from Passenger Ships: New Analytical Tools, Fast Algorithms, and Computer Simulation Prof. Daniel NG GRF
Location-Inventory Network Design Optimization with Service Differentiation in a Business-to-Business Environment Dr Miao SONG GRF
Managing Shipping Emission Control Areas (ECAs): Minimizing Local Sulfur Oxide and Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Dr Shuaian WANG GRF
Firms’ Quality-Information Disclosure Strategies under Market Competition in an Information Age with Loss-Averse Consumers Dr Yulan WANG GRF
A Recoverable Approach to Optimizing Flight Gate Assignments for Airports under Uncertainty Dr Zhou XU GRF
How does innovative resource affect connectivity? Dr Venus LUN GRF
Impacts of high-speed rail on air transport: climate change, airport congestion and network structure Dr Yulai WAN GRF
To keep consistency across channels or not: Analysis of omni-channel retailing in a supply chain Dr Xiaomeng GUO ECS
A Data-Driven Approach for the Capacity Provisioning of Queueing Systems with Incomplete System Information Dr Shining WU ECS
Strategic Information Sharing and Policy Implications in Market-Pulled Technology Supply Chain Dr Wenxin XU ECS
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
When will Process Institutionalization lead to Organizational Innovativeness? Knowledge Absorption, IT Capability and Partner Alliance Prof. Andy YEUNG GRF
Opportunities, Challenges, and Regulation of Carhailing Apps Operated by Didi Kuaidi and Uber Dr Pengfei GUO GRF
Enhancing the Performance of Influenza Vaccination Programs: Optimizing the Efficacy, Public Benefits and Costs Dr Daniel NG GRF
Robust Inventory Management with Multiple Demand Classes Dr Miao SONG GRF
Jurisdiction over Disputes Involving the Multimodal Transport of Goods: The Chinese Approach Compared to Other Selected Jurisdictions Dr Ling ZHU GRF
Dynamic Revenue Management and Fleet Management for Stochastic Container Leasing System Prof. Hong YAN NSFC/RGC
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Do Business Intelligence Systems Improve Operational Capabilities and Reduce Firm Risks? Stakeholder Relationships and Process Institutionalization Prof. Andy YEUNG GRF
A Study of Congestion Measurement in Health Care Systems: Why Patients' Waiting Time is not a Good Indicator? Dr Pengfei GUO GRF
Work Package Sizing in Project Planning Prof. Chung-Lun LI GRF
Optimal Planning of Emergency Evacuation Routes on a Three-Dimensional Geometric Network Dr Daniel NG GRF
Should Governments Provide Market Price Information or Subsidies to Farmers in Developing Economies? The Impact on Farmers' Welfare, Consumer Surplus, and Market Price Stability Dr Yulan WANG GRF
Civil and Criminal Liabilities for Ship-source Pollution in Hong Kong: Taking Stock of the Present and Seeing the Way Forwrad Dr Ling ZHU PPR
Evaluation of green practices for grocery retailers in Hong Kong and the policy implications for sustainable development Dr Mike LAI PPR
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Min-Sum Rectangle Packing Problems with Berth Allocation Applications Dr Zhou XU GRF
Resource Sharing Networks under fair allocation --- diffusion limit and stationary performance Dr Hengqing YE GRF
Strategic Investment in Accessibility: Inter-regional Coordination and Port Ownership Dr Yulai WAN ECS
Delivering 21st Century Healthcare in Hong Kong - Building a Quality-and-Efficiency Driven System Dr Hengqing YE (Co-PI) Dr Pengfei Guo (Co-PI) RGC Theme-based Research Scheme (Fourth Round)
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Scheduling in a Multitasking Environment Prof. Chung-Lun LI GRF
"Socialized" Operations Management: Does the Adoption of Social Commerce Improve Product/Service Quality and Profitability? Prof. Andy YEUNG GRF
Optimal Deployment of Emergency Supply Inventory under a Humanitarian Relief Objective Dr Yulan WANG ECS
Adoption of Green Shipping Practices in the Pearl River Delta Region Dr Venus LUN ECS
Is the Polluter Paying? Accessing the Application of the "Polluter Pays" Principle to Ship-Source Pollution in Hong Kong Dr Ling ZHU PPR
Effectiveness of International Treaties and Domestic Laws in Regulating Vessel Emissions and Discharges Dr Ling ZHU Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Analysis and Modelling of Marine Traffic Flow via Fluid Approximation Dr T. L. YIP GRF
A Study of Two Health Care Subsidy Schemes: Unconditional Partial Subsidy Versus Full Subsidy with Waiting Time Requirement Dr Pengfei GUO GRF
Corporate Social Responsibility Effectiveness and the Moderating Effect of Managers' Role Stress: An Empirical Study of Manufacturers in China Dr Peter LEE GRF
Analyzing the hub port selection behavior of major liner services Dr Meifeng LUO GRF
Corporate Environmental Initiatives in China: Executive Motives, Corporate Benefits and Public Interests Prof. Andy YEUNG GRF
A Time-dependent Dynamic Tariff System in an Electricity Retail Dr Daniel NG PPR
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Advanced Problems in Inventory Theory Prof. Alain BENSOUSSAN GRF
The Effects of Demand Uncertainty on Airport Capacity - an economic investigation Dr Xiaowen FU GRF
Outsourcing Component Production - Managing the Decision Sequencing, Supplier Competition, and Benefit Sharing Dr Li JIANG GRF
Evaluating eco-control among Chinese manufacturers Dr Mike LAI GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
The Effect of Socially Responsible Supplier Development on Supply Ethical Risk: An Empirical Study of China's Food and Beverage Industry Dr Peter LEE GRF
The impacts and roles of e-market for supply chain: more than just a secondary procurement source? Prof. Liming LIU GRF
Algorithm Designs and Analysis for Relief Distribution Dr Zhou XU GRF
Understanding Balanced Routing via Heavy Traffic Analysis Dr Hengqing YE GRF
A Comparison Study Between A Free Public Health Care System and A Two-Tier Health Care System Dr Pengfei GUO GRF
Internationalization and extended producer responsibility in China Dr Mike LAI GRF
Study on the Market Leadership between an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Its Competitive Contract Manufacturer Dr Yulan WANG GRF
Theoretical Foundation and Application Procedure of Environmental DEA Model Prof. Hong YAN GRF
Exploring a Paradox in Operations Management: Quality Management Standards, Institutionalization and Organizational Implications in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry Dr Andy YEUNG GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Graph Ramsey Numbers Prof. T.C. Edwin CHENG GRF
Procurement Outsourcing: Price Negotiation and Quantity Commitment in a Three-Tier Supply Chain Dr Pengfei GUO GRF
Supplier alliances and their performance outcomes in China's manufacturing industry Dr Peter LEE GRF
Approximation Schemes for Operations Planning Problems with Nonlinear Costs Prof. Chung-Lun LI GRF
Slot allocation in liner ship scheduling with overbooking and online variations in demand for containers Dr Daniel NG GRF
Ecological modernization and the mediating role of green logistics practices in the performance of Chinese manufacturing exporters Dr Mike LAI GRF
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Rational Merits of Contingent Adjustments to Insurance Reserves: A Computational Quasi-Variational-Inequality (QVI) Analysis Prof. John LIU CERG
Pricing Schemes and Channel Strategies for Information System Services Prof. Liming LIU CERG
Bertrand Competition of Container Ports in Growing Market with Lumpy Investment Dr Meifeng LUO CERG
Studies on Threshold Control with Applications to Network Revenue Management Dr Hengqing YE CERG
Effects of Airport Concession Revenue Sharing Dr Xiaowen FU CERG
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Multi-objective Supply-demand Network Equilibrium Models based on Vector Optimization Prof. T.C. Edwin CHENG CERG
Coordination of Processing of Bundled Jobs at Decentralized Machine Locations Prof. Chung-Lun LI CERG
Premium Calls in Marine Mutual Insurance under Impulse Disturbance Prof. John LIU CERG
An Integrated Model for Ship Routing and Berth Assignment Dr Anthony PANG CERG
Data Envelopment Analysis Based Assessment and Classification Machines Prof. Hong YAN CERG
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
The Impact of Manufacturer Rebates on Supply Chain Profits Prof. Chung-Lun LI CERG
Admission Policy in Marine Mutual Insurance Dr Kevin LI CERG
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Models and Exact Algorithms for Berth Allocation Problems Dr Ceyda OGUZ CERG
Bin-Packing Problem with General Costs of Bin Utilization Prof. Chung-Lun LI CERG
A Longitudinal Study of the Implications of Business Certification for Financial Performance and Senior Management Compensation Prof. Andy YEUNG CERG
CERG: Competitive Earmarked Research Grant
ECS: Early Career Scheme
GRF: General Research Fund
PPR: Public Policy Research