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Shipping and Trade Alliance for Research (STAR)


The Shipping and Trade Alliance for Research (STAR) is a global network established to address current and emerging issues in shipping and trade as raised by global market players and public bodies through rigorous collaborative research. STAR serves as a vehicle for advancing the knowledge frontier of shipping and trade by leveraging the research expertise and resources of STAR members.

STAR is associated with the Journal of Shipping and Trade (JST). JST publishes papers covering shipping economics, trade and economic development, transport management, global port management, regional studies, environmental management in shipping and trade, business model development, and other related topics.

The homepage of JST:

Members of STAR consist of all the founding members on the editorial board of JST. Authors of JST and other interested parties are also welcome to join.

The Journal of Shipping and Trade publishes thematic series on selected topics:

Guest Editors Theme
Jan Hoffmann, Gordon Wilmsmeier, and Y.H. Venus Lun Connecting the World through Global Shipping Networks
Thierry VaneIslander, Edwin van Hassel, and Y.H. Venus Lun Environmental Challenges and Solutions in Shipping

Authors of Journal of Shipping and Trade (JST) or interested parties (with recommendation from any one of STAR Founding Members) are eligible to join STAR.

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Contact information:

Shipping Research Centre
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University