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Journal: Journal of Shipping and Trade


As a "global industry", shipping is inextricably related with international trade. Trade and shipping are two of the most important industries in the world that jointly facilitate global economic growth. Accordingly, the continued growth of international trade supported by shipping-related activities is critical to continuing global economic development. Shipping has evolved from its original relationships with ships and seaborne trade to transporting goods between origins and destinations. Shipping management involves managing a vast network of players consisting of ship owners, shipping service providers, terminal operators, carriers, traders, and policy makers.

Launching the Journal of Shipping and Trade (JST) is timely and important to address both theoretical and practical issues associated with managing shipping activities to facilitate and support international trade in today’s dynamic and complex business world. The key focuses of JST include, but are not limited to, trade facilitation, tramp shipping to transport bulk commodities, liner shipping operations, intermodal transport operations, container transport management, terminal management, green shipping management practices, technology adoption for shipping management, and regional planning and policy to promote trade and shipping.

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