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About SRC

The objectives of SRC are:

  • to promote best practices in shipping and improve the management of shipping and related activities,
  • to strengthen the theoretical base of decision making in shipping and logistics management.

The Shipping Research Centre is led by the SRC Director and the Management Committee.

Director: Prof. Kee-hung Lai
Deputy Director: Dr Dong Yang

The SRC Management Committee has been established to provide strategic directions for SRC in undertaking its activities:

Members of the SRC Management Committee
Prof. T.C. Edwin CHENG Chair Professor of Management, Dean of Faculty of Business
Prof. Kee-hung LAI Director
Dr Y.H. Venus LUN Advisor
Prof. C.T. Daniel NG Professor, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Prof. W.T. Eric NGAI Professor, Department of Management and Marketing
Dr W.Y. Christina WONG Associate Professor, Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Dr Dong YANG Deputy Director
Prof. C.L. Andy YEUNG Chair Professor of Operations Management and Head of Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies


Contact information:
Shipping Research Centre
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies