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List of research outputs
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Policy Papers
  1. "2008年以來國際幹散貨運輸市場簡要回顧(2)" SeaView - Journal of Institute of Seatransport, No. 107, Autumn 2014
  2. "2008年以來國際幹散貨運輸市場簡要回顧(1)" SeaView - Journal of Institute of Seatransport, No. 106, Summer 2014
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  5. "Supporting Hong Kong to compete for International Maritime Service Center". Research Report, Development Research Center of the State Council, PRC, No. 164 (Total 4166) 2012. (國務院發展研究中心調查研究報告,"支持香港競逐國際航運服務中心",第164 號(總4166號)2012年9月17日)
  6. "Container shipping market analysis and prediction". SeaView - Journal of the Institute of Seatransport, No. 89, 2010


PMLC Research Report
  1. PMLC research report ‘Strategies On the Development of International Shipping Centre’ – Draft Research Outline
  2. 理大海事中心報告”鞏固香港航運中心地位” – 報告提綱 (草案) 
  3. 理大海事中心報告”鞏固香港航運中心地位” – 報告發表 (第一部分, 第一版)