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Prof. Zhou XU
  • Professor
BEng, MSc, PhD
3400 3624
Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Logistics, Transportation, Shipping, and Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Analytics, Data Science, and Information System
  • Coding for Business

Research Projects Funded By RGC and NSFC:

  • Pickup and Delivery Vehicle Routing Problems with Split Loads for Asset Repositioning Applications: New Relaxations and Solution Algorithms, GRF, PI, 2020-2022
  • A Recoverable Approach to Optimizing Flight Gate Assignments for Airports under Uncertainty, GRF, PI, 2018-2020
  • Min-Sum Rectangle Packing Problems with Berth Allocation Applications, GRF, PI, 2015-2017
  • Shipping Service Network Design with Surplus Capacity, NSFC, PI, 2015-2017
  • Algorithm Designs and Analysis for Relief Distribution, GRF, PI, 2010-2013
  • Collaborative Regional Container Flow Management: Models and Systems Development, NSFC/RGC, Co-I, 2009-2011

Ten Selected Publications (from All):

  • S. Jia, C.-L. Li, and Z. Xu, 2019, "Managing Navigation Channel Traffic and Anchorage Area Utilization of a Container Port", Transportation Science (TS), 53(3), 728-745, 2019.
  • L. Liu, X. Qi, and Z. Xu, 2018, "Simultaneous Penalization and Subsidization for Stabilizing Grand Cooperation", Operations Research (OR), 66(5), 1189-1456.
  • Z. Xu and C.-Y. Lee, 2018, "New Lower Bound and Exact Method for the Continuous Berth Allocation Problem", Operations Research (OR), 66(3), 778-798.
  • X. Xu, C.-L. Li, and Z. Xu, 2018, "Integrated Train Timetabling and Locomotive Assignment", Transportation Research Part B (TRB), 117A, 573-593, 2018
  • L. Liu, X. Qi, and Z. Xu, 2016, "Computing Near-Optimal Stable Cost Allocations for Cooperative Games by Lagrangian Relaxation", INFORMS Journal on Computing (IJOC), 28(4), 687--702.
  • L. Zhen, Z. Xu, K. Wang, and Y. Ding, 2016, "Multi-Period Yard Template Planning in Container Terminals", Transportation Research Part B (TRB), 93B, 700--719.
  • Z. Xu and B. Rodrigues, 2015, "A 3/2-Approximation Algorithm the Multiple TSP with a Fixed Number of Depots", INFORMS Journal on Computing (IJOC), 27(4), 636-645.
  • J. Xia, K. Li, H. Ma, and Z. Xu, 2015, "Joint Planning of Fleet Deployment, Speed Optimization and Cargo Allocation for Liner Shipping", Transportation Science (TS), 49(4), 922-938.
  • A. Lim, B. Rodrigues, and Z. Xu, 2008, "Transportation Procurement with Seasonally Varying Shipper Demand and Volume Guarantees", Operations Research (OR), 56(3), 758-771.
  • A. Lim, F. Wang, and Z. Xu, 2006, "A Transportation Problem with Minimum Quantity Commitment", Transportation Science (TS), 40(1), 117-129.