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Maritime Industry Internship

Maritime Industry Internship (MII) is "work-based learning experiences which take place in a maritime organizational context relevant to a student's future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in maritime profession." MII is a compulsory component of the MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics (Full-time) programme with the Hong Kong Maritime and Logistics Scholarship and students are required to complete 240 hours internship (exemption may be granted to local scholarship recipients with relevant internship/work experience) to be eligible for graduation.


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BEFORE internship

During internship

Last working day

After internship

Seek prior endorsement:
WIE-F6 with employment contract
(and/or employment verification documentation)

In addition to WIE-F6 and employment contract:
Non-local students:
Submit copy of NOL
Students under 18:
Submit the Consent of Parent/Guardian (WIE-F27)

Maintain proper employment record for verification

Employer Evaluation