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9th GARS Online Panel Discussion

Topic: Covid-19 – Challenges for Regional Airports

Panellists (in Alphabetical Order):
• Marek Bekier
ACR Aviation Capacity Resources AB, Stockholm

• Peter Forsyth
Monash University, Melbourne

• Noel Hiney
Dublin City University

• David Starkie
Case Associates, London

• Tolga Ülkü
IU International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

• Andrew Charlton
Managing Director of Aviation Advocacy

The panel discussed the particular issues for small and regional airports. In many cases, a successful regional airport cannot be measured in terms of passenger throughput or by profitability; but if the success is connectivity or regional access, is there a way to calculate and value that? What role do airlines play in such airports and their success?

The recording of Online Panel Discussion is available now.