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2nd GARS Online Panel Discussion

Topic: The Coronavirus Outbreak & Aviation Bailouts: Pragmatism, Policy, Politics

Panellists (in Alphabetical Order):
• Peter Forsyth
Monash University, Melbourne

• Cathal Guiomard
Dublin City University, Ireland

• Peter Lewisch
University of Vienna, Law School, Vienna

• Brian Pearce
International Air Transport Association (IATA), Geneva

• Mike Tretheway
InterVISTAS, Vancouver

• Andrew Charlton
Aviation Advocacy, Geneva

The 2nd GARS Online Panel Discussion was held on 27 May 2020. The Panel focused particularly on airline bailouts. It is clear that bailouts can take a number of different forms. Concerns were raised that the market would be distorted by indiscriminate bailouts. Further, there was concern that much of the hard-won industry reform of the last two decades is now at risk of being reversed in the space of two quarters. Whilst there are valid reasons and valid forms for focused bailouts, more work is required to ensure that bailouts do not create more longer-term issues than they resolve.

The recording of Online Panel Discussion is available now.