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5th GARS Online Panel Discussion

Topic: ATM Reform and COVID-19

Panellists (in Alphabetical Order):
• Nicole Adler
Hebrew University, Jerusalem

• Luis Barbero
President of GATCO

• Xavier Fron

• David McMillan
Chair, ATM Policy Institute

• Andrew Charlton
Executive Director, ATM Policy Institute
Aviation Advocacy, Geneva

The 5th GARS Online Panel Discussion was held on 23 June 2020. It was jointly sponsored by the ATM Policy Institute, GARS, the European Aviation Conference, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Like all parts of the aviation ecosystem, ATM has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But this might be a chance to make some much needed changes to a system that was already struggling and for which mis-matches of capacity and demand were common. This panel looked at a number of these issues.

The recording of Online Panel Discussion is available now.