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3rd GARS Online Panel Discussion

Topic: Covid-19 and African Aviation

Panellists (in Alphabetical Order):
• Joan Miquel Vilardell
ALG Global

• Sanjeev Gadhia
Founder & CEO Astral Aviation Ltd

• Ogaga Udjo
Managing Director ZA Logics

• Andrew Charlton
Aviation Advocacy, Geneva

The 3rd GARS Online Panel Discussion was held on 4 June 2020 in 3rd Workshop on “Aviation in Africa”. The Panel of experts, moderated by Andrew Charlton, held a panel discussion regarding Covid-19 and African Aviation, at both a passenger and cargo level. A wide range of topics were debated, including the structure and status of African aviation – across different regions – prior Covid-19. The panel further discussed dynamics currently experienced within the African aviation context due to Covid-19, and respectively opined on what the future may possibly look like, in terms of market structure and ownership.

The recording of Online Panel Discussion is available now.