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2021-11-19 Cargo Pilots Leave Hong Kong, as Covid Rules Collide With Supply Chains The Wall Street Journal
2021-11-18 Cargo industry (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-09-23 International travel amid Covid (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-09-09 Hong Kong airport’s third runway (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-05-28 Facing today’s challenges in the logistics sector SCMP Young Post
2021-04-30 The future of Cathay Pacific, and immigration ordinance (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-03-11 Cathay Pacific's 2020 results (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-03-10 Cathay Pacific's 2020 results (RTHK Radio 3 "Newswrap") RTHK
2021-01-25 The latest on Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2021-01-15 Hong Kong's position in regional aviation after the launch of a new seaplane taxi service (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2020-12-18 PolyU's Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies helps students plan for the future SCMP Young Post
2020-11-25 RTHK Radio 3 "Newswrap" RTHK
2020-11-07 香港理工大學 - 供應鏈管理及分析(榮譽)工商管理學士學位 (RTHK Radio 2《奮發時刻 DSE》) RTHK
2020-10-22 Academic says it's the right time to drop 'Dragon' brand (RTHK Radio 3 "Hong Kong Today") RTHK
2020-09-29 Restructuring of Cathay Pacific (RTHK Radio 3 "Backchat") RTHK
2020-09-22 'Future bright for Cathay, despite few passengers' RTHK
2020-04-27 The coronavirus outbreak: the unprecedented shock to aviation ICAO Uniting Aviation
2019-08-28 Here is why PolyU’s logistics study opens up a sea of possibility. SCMP Young Post
2019-08-20 Check out this success story from a PolyU graduate who studied Global Supply Chain Management SCMP Young Post
2019-06-02 Tips to land your first job in the logistics industry: Choose the right programme, leverage LinkedIn, and make the most out of overseas internships SCMP Young Post
2019-05-22 How studying Supply Chain Management helps a student manage the logistics of her studies in Hong Kong and abroad SCMP Young Post
2019-05-22 How an internship at top logistics company DHL taught this PolyU student about the crucial role of supply chain management in the global economy SCMP Young Post
2019-05-10 Learn how to get everything to the right place at the right time with PolyU’s undergraduate course in supply chain management SCMP Young Post
2019-04-04 Here's why studying aviation at PolyU opens up a world of opportunities SCMP Young Post
2019-04-02 Beijing ‘fully behind’ Hong Kong taking leading aviation role for China’s ambitious global trade and infrastructure projects South China Morning Post
2019-03-29 Cathay Pacific's Acquisition / Americans promise to land on the moon in 5 years? RTHK
2019-03-27 It took 16 years but Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific has realised the benefits of having a low-cost carrier South China Morning Post
2019-02-22 Learn about why logistics are the lifeblood of a city with PolyU's undergraduate degree in Transport Logistics SCMP Young Post
2019-01-18 A dynamic career in international transport logistics SCMP Young Post
2018-11-30 Communication and negotiation skills keys to success for PolyU grad SCMP Young Post
2018-11-20 Find out how studying supply chain management can open up your horizons and connect you to the world SCMP Young Post
2018-05-15 浙江大学 – 香港理工大学合作办学20周年 品质管理理学硕士纪念视频 YouTube
2018-05-09 Aviation management studies opens the door to a world-class global career SCMP Young Post
2018-05-07 Hong Kong dominates busiest air routes in the world – but budget airlines can’t get a look-in South China Morning Post
2018-05-07 What you should know about a career in logistics SCMP Young Post
2018-04-27 Guangzhou's new airport terminal opens as passenger numbers soar South China Morning Post
2018-04-23 Is the GSCM programme right for me? SCMP Young Post
2018-04-18 Maritime studies can be the start of a bright and rewarding career SCMP Young Post
2018-03-07 理大全球供應鏈管理碩士課程 理論與實務並重 培育供應鏈管理專才 am730
2018-02-28 今日進修之道 既要合時又要貼市 HK01
2018-02-13 How a disgraced United Airlines chief influenced Cathay Pacific’s decision to forgo a budget airline South China Morning Post
2018-01-22 As Cathay Pacific wields jobs axe, 'Swire prince' culture survives Reuters
2017-12-15 Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong-Washington flight the latest shot in battle for ultra-long-haul supremacy South China Morning Post
2017-11-24 Maritime education and careers: preparing the next generation South China Morning Post
2017-11-02 As Singapore’s Changi airport soars, is HK$141 billion upgrade too little too late for Hong Kong? South China Morning Post
2017-09-03 Non-stop flights to Latin America from Hong Kong could be reality in 5 years with new ultra-long-range aircraft South China Morning Post
2017-07-22 Lessons from Europe for Belt and Road: Private involvement can’t be taken for granted South China Morning Post
2017-07-12 增設兩獎學金 吸納優秀學生 Sing Tao Daily
2017-07-06 航空物流增長勁 畢業入行有前景 Education Post
2017-07-03 Once an Asian aviation pioneer, Cathay Pacific is now struggling to leave behind its past Quartz
2017-06-09 航空旅遊款待 進修新領域 Recruit
2017-04-25 Increasing aviation competition won’t stop travellers coming to Hong Kong, former Cathay boss says South China Morning Post
2017-03-31 Economy class squeeze: why Cathay Pacific needs to trade in passenger comfort for profits South China Morning Post
2017-03-15 理大新里程 開辦航空管理及物流課程 Master Insight
2017-03-15 理大增航空管理物流學士課程 Oriental Daily
2017-03-15 理大革新MBA課程 增添三選修 Sing Tao Daily
2017-03-15 理大工商學院9月開兩新課程 Ming Pao
2017-03-15 理大於今年開辦全港首個獲政府資助、專事航空管理及物流 Ta Kung Pao
2017-03-14 三跑落成人才需求大 理大新開空管物流學士課程 HKET TOPick
2017-02-18 Commercial Radio 1《與時並進》 Commercial Radio
2017-02-17 理大航空管理課程現正招生 Sing Tao Daily
2017-02-16 New top-up programme for a career in the aviation industry The Standard
2017-02-15 Logistics industry graduates are in heavy demand in the job market The Standard
2017-02-14 Global Supply Chain Management programme nurtures all-round talents The Standard
2017-01-13 理大物流及航運學系培育業界專才 Ming Pao
2016-11-11 向世界出發 航運課程成就所想 Education Post
2016-11-02 物流應用層面廣泛 業界需要大量專才 Ming Pao
2016-08-03 PolyU announces new programmes to give Hong Kong youngsters careers in aviation South China Morning Post
2016-08-01 Aviation management education on demand excel@PolyU